Can I have multiple banners in one campaign?
Absolutely. We allow two banners per campaign. When you buy your impressions send us a note telling us how you'd like your impressions divided among your banners.

Can I change my banner or text during an ad campaign?
Yes. We allow you to change your text or banner twice a month.

What's the advantage of an iTricks Sponsor Banner?
On iTricks we give you the sole top banner position. Your banner is the first thing users see when they visit our page. It's also the only banner they'll see on that page.

What's the advantage of an iTricks Sponsor Box?
We consider our Sponsor Box ads an important part of the service we're offering the magic community and are placed into helpful categories on the right sidebar in a helpful way so people looking for your services can quickly find you.

Can I buy click-throughs instead of impressions?
For a niche like magic, impressions on a focused site like iTricks are a much more cost-effective way to get your message out. We put our banners and text ads in high visibility spots on our page that help you get brand awareness regardless of whether or not your ad gets clicked on.

What's the advantage of a subscription over a one-time ad buy?
For starters we give our subscription advertisers a huge discount. Second, we often give them far more impressions than we advertise if we're going through high traffic periods and have more slots to fill. Third, it's very convenient. A subscription buy helps you create an easy to maintain ad campaign that runs while you focus on other things. You don't have to worry about missing a slot and not getting your ad up and running.

What happens if my impressions run out before the end of the month?
This depends upon how many impressions you purchase. If you want to purchase a smaller amount of banners but have them spread out over a month, you can purchase multiple subscriptions spaced a week or two apart.

When does my billing cycle start?
Your monthly subscription billing date starts on the day you purchase your subscription. We've set the billing cycle to be based on calendar months so you'll be billed at the same time of the month each month.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Log into your PayPal account and simply choose unsubscribe.

Do you have any other payment options besides PayPal?
PayPal is our preferred choice, but we can also accept credit card and check orders for over $50. Contact for more information.

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