carbon fiber card guard & utility device
I developed the Triggerclip when I noticed that whenever I walked out the door to to do magic my go-to items were a deck of cards, a Sharpie and rubber bands. It didn’t matter if I was performing for corporate clients or just having some fun with friends. I wanted a functional deck holder that would hold all of my props in place and be ready at a moment’s notice. The Triggerclip is designed to not only hold everything I needed, but to make them extremely easy to get to. The aesthetic is based on practicality and uses elements from military tactical equipment and avionics control systems. We chose a carbon fiber composite because of its strength, texture, durability and matte black finish. Each guard is made in the United States using a state-of-the-art 3D printing process in limited runs. I hope you enjoy your Triggerclip as much as I do mine. Best, Andrew @AndrewMayne
designed by Andrew Mayne
Price $45
The Triggerclip is a deck guard made using a carbon fiber composite designed to securely hold a deck of cards, a marker and rubber bands. It comfortably fits in your jacket, pants or on your waist with the included optional spring-metal clip.   Designed to be functional, the Triggerclip holds a marking pen on the left side, while the thumb rest on the right makes it easy to slide your cards free with one hand. The sight at the bottom allows you to store rubber bands using the notch in the thumb rest.   The carbon fiber composite gives it a smooth feel and a matte finish usually found in high-end tactical gear and avionics. Each one is produced in the United States using fused deposition modeling with a profile designed for maximum durability.