eBook2.99Justin Robert Young (Night Attack, NSFWshow, The Morning Stream, Daily Tech News Show) debuts his first fiction writing compilation. Twelve stories about Santa sure to please the subversive weirdo in your life. Specifically if the weirdo is you.
Several short stories about Santa Claus by Justin Robert Young
Go Home Santa,
Audiobook5.99Justin Robert Young (NSFWshow, The Morning Stream, Night Attack albums) tells nine stories about Santa Claus you will never forget. Providing an amazing score is jazz musician Andrew Allen (Smooth Federation, Free Play). Running time: 1 hour 20 minutes. 
You’re Drunk
Hello, my name is Justin.  Below are three copies of my book Go Home Santa, You're Drunk. We have an eBook version and an audiobook version with a score by Andrew Allen. Then up top, if you are a fan of variety we have the combo pack, both of 'em for a price a dollar less. That's value, son! I wrote 3 new stories for 2014! One of them is about traveling. One is about professional wrestling. The last is about Santa and pimps. Again. Please enjoy and Merry Christmas.<> JRY
Audiobook and eBook Combo5.99 7.99 Justin Robert Young's stories in eBook (ePub) form AND the audiobook version including Andrew Allen's score? Get them both for a buck less than if you purchased them separately. Santa is here. 2014 edition includes 3 new stories! They're long! Like an hour longer than the last audiobook!
This amazing image was drawn by Carter Johnson.