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Ramsay’s Review: T2P Shawn Farquhar

Posted by Cameron on December 18th, 2010

Magic Reviews by Cameron Ramsay

Hello readers! Welcome to my new review section. If you are looking for a column where a guy rips into bad magic products than tries to trash the creator than this is not the column for you. My whole idea and goal for the review column is to just highlight good effects and recommend creators that put out great products. Yes the format of the column might change but hang on there guys, this should be a cool trip


Torn to Pieces

Shawn Farquhar

Manufacturer’s Description

Here’s the killer effect Shawn has kept secret for over a decade. It’s the effect Shawn does when he wants to get a client to book him again and again! A real photograph, signed by the spectator, is torn into four pieces. The photo is really torn. Then in an instant all four pieces join together but in the wrong order leaving the spectator with a mismatched photo with their signature! That’s right their signature is on the odd “almost restored” photo.

Cameron’s Description

Okay it’s not often you see an effect that is a killer on television and that’s also usable for a walk- around performer. Shawn’s effect does all of that and it leaves you with the chance to add your own personality.

Shawn does give many ideas of what photos to use (he also supplies digital images to get started with) and also presents ideas for many age groups. I am not the best with kids so when I saw Shawn explain the version with Humpty Dumpty I knew it would be going into my close – up arsenal. No, not the soccer team.

Cameron’s Favorite Part

This is a personal effect; it can be used to tell your audience exactly who you are. My favorite aspect is that this can be carried in your wallet and it actually makes sense to have it. Bravo Shawn, Bravo!

Thanks for reading my first column, many more reviews to come. If you have any comments, concerns or submissions please email me or contact via this new thing called the World Wide Web.

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Ramsay’s Review- Above The Fold

Posted by Cameron on December 18th, 2010

Magic Reviews by Cameron Ramsay

Above the Fold

Rich Aviles

Vanishing Inc Plublishing

Manufacturer’s  Description

Published by Vanishing Inc. Magic, Above the Fold is the debut collection from one of magic’s most exciting new talents: Rich Aviles. In this intelligent, praiseworthy collection of card and close-up material, Aviles details thirteen effects and seven moves, each one explained with equal parts clarity and wit.

Cameron’s Description?

Yes,Yes,Yes, people are still writing books. Andy Gladwin and Joshua Jay are bringing sexy (books) back and I am certainly loving it. This debut collection from Rich Aviles has a lot of great material in it. Highlights for me were Pocket Protector-a clever prediction using an Alex Elmsly move. Asher Twich- Rich’s take on the now classic ace routine by Lee Asher. Now I’m not a guy that thinks any one should be boring their audience with 37 different color changes but I really like 2 Legit as a double color change.

Cameron’s Favorite Part

Again this is a book, what’s even better is that it is a book I can take on the subway (I don’t’ go on subways ever since Spiderman) and easily travel with anywhere with it. It’s not big and that’s what the guys at Vanishing Inc Magic are trying for. They are calling it their “Small But Potent”, just the best material from that one creator.

Now I didn’t want to write about this but there is a secret gem in the book that I am sure a lot of card guys won’t use. It’s the only non card trick/gag in the book. I have been able to put this gem in my comedy club set. To sum it up this is a great card book from a really funny guy that everyone will enjoy.

I really look forward to more books and products coming out of the Vanishing Inc Publishing company.


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