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There are countless DVD’s out on the market that focus on the art of card flourishing. Many are rich in visual “eye candy” but very difficult to master. Then there are the select few that look fantastic but are much simpler to master. hedshot Aaron Fisher’s One-Hand Popover is a beautiful piece of slight of hand that can be used as a visual production, a slight or even just a flourish. It combines elements that many magicians use everyday combined with Aaron’s incredible insight and teaching to create a fantastic piece of magic. The DVD is broken down into sections to focus all the attention on the most important parts of the move.  The Grip, The Popover itself, and then taking the actual move an applying it to effects and routines, both as a visual production and a slight.

The Grip, as discussed both on the DVD and in Aaron’s book ‘The Paper Engine’, is the most important part of making this move work. The grip is explained step-by-step so that you know exactly where to put your fingers in order for things to go smoothly. Aaron Fisher has always been an incredible teacher of magic and really wants those out there watching and learning this move to understand the importance of the little things such as finger position, not just in this effect, but in card magic as a whole. He talks about being able to be as natural as possible and to avoid any unneeded movements when getting into position to perform the move. His attention to detail, while at the same time stressing how important the proper grip is for this move, really makes the rest of the effect run much smoother then if you simply “thought the grip was good”.

The Popover itself is the actual “production” of the card. (Remember this move can be used as both a production and a slight. But we will get into that a little later…) If you follow the advice on the grip, executing the move will not be as difficult as you think. While we all may be a different skill levels when learning this move, over time, even for someone who is a seasoned pro, the mechanics and movements will become second nature. One thing that is stressed in this section of the DVD, is finger strength. Because the grip is so specific to making this move work, it is important to build up enough strength in your hands to make it run as smooth as possible.

As a visual production the Popover, once perfected, is the easiest way to integrate it into a routine. Aaron gives a very humor-filled presentation on a simple “finding a selected card” routine and just by adding the Popover is able to add a touch of grace to an age old effect. As a slight things get a little harder, but this is where those who are really serious about advancing themselves in their card magic can really shine. Each move is broken down as only Aaron can teach it, and it allows you to see just how many different applications there are for this move. If you want to use it as a production, the tools are there. If you want it as a slight, you have that ability as well. Do what works best for you, and I am sure you will find many more uses for the One Hand Popover.

Overall, what more is there to say about this DVD. Aaron Fisher is one of the greatest card performers in the world of magic. His attention to detail makes his teaching style unique and shows how much time and effort he puts into his work. I highly recommend this DVD to those who want to really get serious about their card magic, and if you like this, check out some of Aaron’s other work as well.

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Corey Martin


  • Snake047

    Excellent review for an excellent DVD! Thanks for that. I also posted a review on my website for french readers: http://wp.me/pMhJ4-9x If you have an interest in cardistry, Fisher is one of the best teacher, you should definitely grab his stuff to push it to the next level!

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