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Posted by Jamie on November 30th, 2009

Jamie D. Grant is now a regular contributor to iTricks Raves with an enhanced version of his reviews from

What The Audience Sees:

skitched-20090928-001123.jpg”Well, it’s good to see Jamie back on track, man. He had a bad stretch there for a while but last week he took us to the bridge with that Coin and Chapstick magic, and this week, %#^#, this week he had us all havin’ the time of our lives with this card trick he pulled off. He took the two Kings out of the deck right, and he had me select a card. I put it back, but with a snap of his hands- BOOM, it was between the two Kings!

Then he took it to the next level! He gave the deck to Angry Bob and said that A.B was going to do the magic! He had Big Ted select a card and put it back, and then he gave the deck to A.B. The two Kings were put back in near the ends of the deck but after A.B. said his magic word of “Go ^#&& yourself,” the Kings got closer together! He did it again, and this time the Kings were side by side in the deck with only one card in between them- Big Ted’s!!! It was awesome! Angry Bob dropped the cards in astonished disgust and Big Ted started to rub his knees with his elbow! Me? I just freaked the %$^$ out!!!”

How It Went:

I’m starting over. I’m talking about my Card Magic here. I think I’m done with special decks, custom cards, etc. I just can’t deal with it all anymore. I keep losing track of what does what, lol! So I’m starting over. Every card trick I want to do now needs to be done with a regular deck that I can leave with the specs. That’s my plan. And I want to do strong magic. Really strong magic. Paul Vigil’s Diplopia is on my list definitely (look for that in the next couple of weeks) as is Kostya Kimlat’s Roadrunner Cull. This week though? Aaron Fisher’s SEARCH and DESTROY (featuring the NOWHERE PASS). And it fit the bill to a “T”. A regular deck, with awesome sleight of hand, that can be done for the spectators and left with the spectators- both the memory and the deck itself- that’s what I’m talking about.



Posted by Corey Martin on November 23rd, 2009

asi one

Corey Martin is a regular contributor to iTricks Raves.


Some performers and those close to the art of magic well often say, “The most beautiful magic is done up close.” This of course is all hinged upon which style you like, what you perform (if that is the case) and the vast differences between the different magical styles. Every so often we find a performer who takes their style and makes it elegant and a pleasure to watch. Asi Wind has created ‘Chapter One’, a look into the “evolution of magic” and how he has contributed his ideas to that concept. You get very well put together 35-page book which includes five incredible close up card effects, three essays on various topics related to magic and performing, as well as the DVD which includes performances with or without cometary.

Craig Fillicetti PROXIMITY

Posted by Jamie on November 23rd, 2009

Jamie D. Grant is now a regular contributor to iTricks Raves with an enhanced version of his reviews from

What The Audience Sees:

skitched-20090928-001123.jpg”Okay, so Jamie has, like, Superman Sight or something. Get this- the guy can see through your skin, dude! For shizzy! I was holding a coin in one hand and a thing of chap stick in the other. I put them both behind my back and then brought out only one hand. And he could tell me what was in it! Every time! I think I made him do it seventy times and he was never wrong! Never! He can probably see the inside of my lungs and read my fortune for &^$%’s sake! He’s outta control! ”

How It Went:

As long as you haven’t moved into a cave recently, you already know who Craig Fillicetti is and have probably heard about his amazing products. I reviewed his incredible Multi Dimensional a while back and am pleased to say that his Proximity is just as good. The thing I love about Craig’s work is the effect is so clear and the method is so undetectable.
Proximity is a “which hand” effect and it is a real fooler. So much so, in fact, that the method never even enters the equation. I never gave it a moment’s thought and the specs were utterly baffled the entire day. Not once did anyone come within a light year of knowing how I knew what they were holding. What I did have to focus on, however, was presentation. And this is one of those rare cases where it changed with every group I did it to. How can I explain this- well, with The Cups and Balls, for example, everyone watches and is surprised when I finally reveal the live untamed raccoon at the end.
With Proximity, however, I found that interest levels, duration, focus, etc. were different with everyone every time. Some people would be shocked with me doing it once, some people wanted it done ten times, some people would try and mess with me, some people would be rapt, etc. So it ended up being a great way to gauge people. So much so, that I think I may start doing this as my opener for my Walk Around Sets, “Hi, I’m Jamie, Can you hold onto these for a quick second while I introduce myself?…”
It’s just a fantastic effect to discover a bit from your audience. That, combined with the fact that it’s foolproof (a must, in my case) makes it an absolute winner.