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Corey Martin is a regular contributor to iTricks Raves.


Wayne Houchin has been called “A cross between a con-man and a street-magician. A fascinating live performer!” by Synthesis Magazine. He has created some of the most mind-blowing effects in magic as well as produced and directed some of the biggest magic DVDs of the past few years. His latest project, ‘Art Of Magic’ is a collection of five effects that showcase not only Houchin’s brilliance as a performer, but the beauty of magic in it’s most simple form. What is even more valuable on this DVD are the interviews and advice that is given by Houchin, Dan and Dave Buck, David Regal, an Aaron Fisher. Each tell personal stories about how magic has come into their lives, and what they find the beauty of magic to be. They encourage the viewer to always remember that magic is an experience, it is more about what the audience sees and remembers, and it is your job as the magician to create that experience


Of all the effects on this DVD French Kiss is my favorite of the five. An amazing effect using a basic principle with a personal twist. Having personally audience tested this trick over the summer, if you are a fan of the card transposition, this effect is for you. Some of the best reactions from something so simplistic. Make sure you take care when learning this effect, it is an incredible piece of magic that should be treated as such. After seeing Wayne’s take on Vernon’s classic Twisting Aces I have rediscovered my love for the classics. A very well explained presentation on an effect that has stood the test of time. If you are a purist and a fan of the classics, learn this. It is slightly more difficult then most of the others, so beginners be warned, you will be frustrated, but it is worth the work if you but the time in. Fire and magic. What a great combination. For all you pyros out there, Carbon Paper is a great effect. Another card transposition with a twist. Continuing with our fire theme, (Brian Brushwood would enjoy this next one.) Match Bite is another fire effect wherein you eat fire and restore the match from which it was produced. This can be presented in conjunction with Carbon Paper or as a stand alone effect. Very versatile. The final piece on the DVD, and another one of my personal favorites is, Ring + String Mystery. This effect, as shown in the DVD, can be done many ways. It can be performed as a close-up effect, or as a story piece. Here is where Wayne Houchin shines. His attention to presentation is fantastic and he really makes you believe in what you are seeing. His attention to detail and audience interaction is unparalleled. Study this effect very carefully if you are looking for a very intimate, and strong piece.


As Wayne Houchin so truthfully put, ’Magic is about the experience that you as the performer create.’  As a fellow magician and performer, with the effects and advice on this DVD, I hope that you will gain a new appreciation for the beauty of magic as an art. Highly recommended.

~Corey Martin aka C. Michaels.

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