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We have all seen it. The Magician shows a box that has been hanging in full view the entire performance, is sealed, anything in the box can be seen. Random selections are made, be it a card from a deck or a set of numbers or even a word from a page of newsprint. The box is carefully opened, one part at a time to insure that it has not been tampered with in any way. The prediction inside the box matches that of the selection made on stage. The crowd is stunned. The Magician smiles and takes his bow. The stage goes dark….

‘The Glass Box Revisited’ is not just a guide to how predictions like that work, it is a dissection of every little piece that must be put together in order to make the routine the most power effect in your show. No detail is left unturned. Everything from what kind of container to use, how to get your predictions notarized, even how to create a false memory with a spectator. Predicting a card sound to ‘simple’, why not try the chapter on predicting headlines in the paper. With this book, you can not only predict cards and numbers, but you will have the ability to foresee major events and build a strong piece of mentalism for your performance that people will be talking about for years to come. Be cautious, although this may sound simple, some of the material in this book is not for beginners. There are a few things that can be used in their most basic form, but for those who are looking for the full effect and then some, a little more experience on the stage is recommended. Presentation, as with most magic, is the key to this effect, don’t just stand there and blandly read your prediction, build up to the moment, really sell what you are doing, and the more you do the stronger the effect will be. I would highly recommend this book to any stage performer or even close-up magician who would like to add a strong piece of mentalism to their act. It is very well written, and covers everything you need to do something astonishing. The only downside, is in the construction of the book itself, it is bound together with what looks like the binding that you might find in a “bind it yourself” kind of book. If it were hardcover it would give it a more elegant look, which i believe an effect like this deserves. Overall, I give the book a very solid 9.5 / 10.

What are you still doing reading this? Go get a copy!!

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