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Marion Boykin (MB), has been releasing solid offerings to the magic community both in text and video form for…years(?). I have had the great pleasure to watch him succeed almost every step of the way and have a few inside looks as to what he will be knocking us down with again in the future. With just a quick Google search to his name, you will be able to find all of the information you will ever need regarding The Crimp Change, or The Crimp Move.

Possibly even his much older works (while managing to stay so young ) including The MB Transpo (a startlingly visual 2 coin transposition that happens at the fingertips) and The Blow Change. I have followed him loyally and he has kept me on the tip of my toes for the next surprise release via another great friend of ours, Vinny Marini. Long story short, he blows us away with one thing after another, but I simply didn’t see this coming! What am I talking about? Marion “Smooth” Boykin’s latest download package for all of you coin (card guys will be equally impressed by it ) Magi out there, KABOOM! Yes that’s it, KABOOM! KABOOM! (Let me just get one more in there, KABOOM!) features 5 (yes FIVE) instant miracles that can be carried with you at all times. And best of all, knowing Marion, these are all probably easier than instand pudding. So if you have followed him like I have, and you know about his “Quicky-Tricky” series, you are going to have a BLAST (Copywright Vinny Marini+MB) with all of these tremendously fun miracles to astound your friends on a daily basis. Plus, this is all hardcore professional magic!

THE OFFICIAL SPAM (But MB never spams ):
“Call me crazy, call me what you want, but in my Magical Bag of QUiCKS this explosion of Quickie-Tricky effects is just a pocket-full of fun. I figured I’d lay a few fast ones on you that can be carried in your pocket every day. Do one, two or all of them anytime, anywhere! Nothing hard here; just reach in your pocket for one of these little bombs and BANG!… Amaze kids of all ages today, tomorrow and always.

*Comes with: 5 pdf manuscripts, 5 Presentation/Explanation videos,

1 BIG Pocket-full of Fun!”


What You GetIt might sound slightly obvious being that in the ad it pretty much says what you get, but you get more than that. It says you get 5 PDF manuscripts, but that isn’t entirely true. For each of these 5 effects in this package, there is a couple of pages explaining ever little nuance of every effect. It is to my understanding that Marion just decided to take all 5 of these manuscripts and combine them into one big one. If you didn’t get my notions, you receive one PDF manuscript. How about the videos? Well, you get 6! There is one WMV (sorry Mac guys, but it just isn’t as good as the commercial says ;) ) for each of the 5 effects explaining the effect in detail. But he also included the video demo which can be seen on the website. So not much to complain about there since one of them you probably won’t even watch (can you guess which one?)

Quality: If you take a look at the demo video on the site (link above), you can see that Marion shoots all of his demo videos and explanation videos (not shown on the site for some strange reason) with a casual video camera, but don’t worry, the quality is surprisingly better than you will think. The sound quality is perfect, the picture isn’t discolored or blurred at all, nothing is blinding you, nothing gets distorted whan you make a sudden movement, and unlike some of the higher quality videos by some of the huge names in magic (Marion Boykin soon to join them), you can actually see the face of the coin clearly in the video. I suggest you take a look at the PDF first because they are explained in crucial detail. Don’t know how to do a Bobo switch, 10 Switch, or Tenkai Pinch? Well it’s all explained in here. He gives the real work on every effect so you get something different if you perform professionaly or for your friends such as lines, tips, handling advice etc. And I think it is only fair to mention here, Marion Boykin can do the Liwag Subtlety better than anyone I have ever seen before. NOBODY can do it as well as he can. The move that is sort of like a more open Ramsay Display? Sound farmiliar? Well he can rock this one :)

Copper/Silver Twist: If there is one thing Marion Boykin is known for doing extremely well and extremely visual, it should be his keen sense for performing the copper/silver transposition. There is no doubt in my mind that he can do this better than anybody else I have seen out there. What it looks like? Well the Magician put a silver coin into his hand and puts a copper coin on the back of his fist. With just a rub of the hand, the copper coin is now shown to have miraculously changed into a silver coin and with no fidgeting, the hand is opened to reveal that a copper coin is now in it’s place! You can even have a spactator rub the back of your hand and remove the coin from your fist. This one isn’t extremely difficult but I can definitely see a few people having a few minor problems with it that don’t really affect the trick. All in all, it’s an extremely fun trick to perform, I have done it a few times and have a lot of fun with it and my friends really appreciate it.

FLASH TRANSPO: Ok, maybe this one is my favorite. All I know is that it’s pretty darn fun. It uses an idea that Marion had previously published in another video of his, entitiles “The 10 Switch”. What does it stand for? Well, I can’t tell you that. But just imagine putting a silver coin into your fist, a copper coin held at the fingertips of the other hand. you merely just gesture the coin towards the fist for the slightest second, and it INSTANTLY and VISUALLY switches for the silver coin and the copper coin is cleanly removed from the hand. While the physical mechanics of this effect are pretty demanding, the payoff exceeds the time you will spend working on this one. It also uses a bit of psychology to “sell” the trick. It looks like the coin never goes out of view for even a second because that’s how long you need for the magic to happen. Go ahead…watch it again!

TENKAI P.H.D: Marion boykin P.H.D. Tenkai Pennies in HD! This one is pretty neat. While you will need to master a few “simple” moves, you will still have lots of fun performing this one. In essence, it is the same exact thing as Tenkai Pennies with a few modern simplifications and changes.A coin is displayed at your right fingertips and your left fingertips. The spectator can even examine the coin. They hand it back to you by placing it on your open palm and you instantly just toss one of the coins invisibly through the air to join the other. The spectator will be happy that they examined it because you will probably be accused of using fake coins because this one is so impossible! Not really much to say other than it’s a really nice, modern coins across.

WELL BLOW ME DOWN: Marion Boykin has created a very cool one coin change routine and it’s VERY visual! It looks like a camera trick. Just watch the demo! A silver coin at your finger tips is just blown on and BAM! It’s now copper. Impossible, right? Your audience will demand you do it again, so you do and knock them down even harder, changing it back to silver. You give them the chance to perform the trick so you gesture them to blow on the coin but, oh no! It vanishes, completely without a trace. Well, if you know me, you know that I hate to use special tricks (not going to hint too much here so you can cherish your astonishment) I am just going to say that it has a very psychological sell to it so that you can do this without worry of being figured out. If you have seen Marion Boykin’s previous work, you will find that he has done something similar to this before but thanks to a hot tip by Tim Feher, this looks even better. It’s perfect for a closer because it doesn’t get any better than this :)

TO WRAP THINGS UP: Well, that’s it. If you havn’t seen Marion Boykin in action before, then it’s an honor to introduce you to such a fine performer and all around nice guy. You really need to think of the spectators to get the most out of everything. I was fooled by “Well Blow Me Down” and I’m sure that and some of the others in this package will fool your Magician friends. If you need any help with anything here, Marion is always up for giving extra advice until you are 100% satisfied. Nothing here was “sweetened up” at all. What you get is what you get and what you get is some pretty damn good coin magic ;) Also, before I leave you, I should mention that Marion donates a portion of his sales to charity, so please, help a noble cause :)

-Mark Tirone

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