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David Stone is fronting a new effect called Window which is actually created by Mickael Chatelain. The package contains a gimmick and DVD, with 5 complete routines. The jolly nice people at Ellusionist have sent me a copy for review for iTricks.


This is a very visual multiple card through window effect, or rather a card through window and transposition behind the glass. The set up is simple, and the effect is certainly very strong. I have road tested the effect and it has a  powerful impact. This is something to be done as street magic or perhaps as an effect in a walk about environment if you can get to a window, with appropriate set up time of about 10 seconds.

As far as the routines go they are fairly simple and I think the main effect is the best, however there is certainly room for some clever people to come up with something original and I believe there is an Ellusionist forum where more ideas are being talked about and developed as I write. The DVD effects are demonstrated silently as in David Stone’s, “The Real Secrets Of Magic” and this works well and is very clear. Do follow the instructions however, as the warning inside the DVD is completely correct as I discovered to my cost. I highly recommend this effect. It is both magical and visual and will certainly amaze your audience. I am now trying to get someone to follow me round and video me performing the effect.

Paul Roffman


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