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‘Something Else’ Reviewed by Jeff Prace

Posted by Editor on July 29th, 2009

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“I need more non-card stuff,” is a familiar refrain with most close up magicians. Well, it’s Cameron Francis to the rescue as he presents 8 stunning routines with business cards, coins, coin holders, sugar packets and matchboxes. That’s right, no playing cards! Just practical, astonishing, real world effects using everyday objects which you will want to add to your repertoire straight away!


‘REDLINE’ Reviewed by Jordan Vargas

Posted by Editor on July 1st, 2009

Dan Hauss makes his theory11 debut with REDLINE.

Two versions of the effect are taught in intricate detail on the streets of New York City.


A real Chapstick is shown all the way around, and the cap is removed and held in your left hand. In the blink of an eye – literally – the cap is back on the Chapstick.


Amazing and Perfect!


Although this is a simple trick, Hauss goes very in-depth.

The Hauss is very clear with the teaching. He goes over everything you need to know in order to perform it perfect.

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‘Panic’ Reviewed by Corey Martin

Posted by Corey Martin on July 1st, 2009


I would like to welcome you to my first Review here at iTricks. I hope that I will be able to give all the readers out there an in-depth look into some really cool magic, as well as adding a bit of personal spin to things. Up first, ‘Panic’ by Mr. Aaron Fisher. Lets get to it.

The Performance

The DVD opens with a performance of ‘Panic’. Right away you see how Aaron Fisher really takes pride in presenting this effect. Which sets you up for a lot of the advice that is given in the importance of presentation later in the teaching. The effect itself is one that before this, I had never seen before. Everything is done right out in the open, there are no “funny moves”, no un-natural slights, every move you make is simple, and natural which takes away any thought the spectator may have of you trying to do something sneaky. The results, needless to say, are nothing short of spectacular. It is clear, just from the reactions on the DVD that this effect KILLS. (Not literally, that would be bad…very bad)