‘TickToids’ Reviewed by V

This is an ultra visual transposition done in the spectators hands!!!


The spectator holds the Tic Tacs while you have the Altoids. In a shake the tin of Altoids transforms into the box of Tic Tacs. The spectator then opens their hand revealing that they are holding the Altoids.

Video and Quality: The video is very well edited, put together and produced. It covers everything really indept; quality was great, no problems hearing or seeing what was being said or done.
Teaching: Dans leaves no rock unturned. His teaching is is taught with the upmost precision, very detailed; with all tips, tricks and subtleties. Very understandable and easy to follow along and superb.
Method: Ingenious, yet brilliant. Dan has put some creative thinking behind this effect.
Gimmick: Very clever. These gimmicks will last a long time, but if you lose your gimmick you can easily be able to easily obtain them.
Set-Up: These should only take a few seconds…once done you’re set to peform.
Practicality: Very, all you need to do is carry these 2 mints and you have a mind-blowing effect.
Overall: The beauty of TickToids is also its simplicity, the magic happens in the spectator’s hands. It’s fun, eays and ultra cool.
I highly suggest picking up a copy, or at least checking it out.

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