‘Election’ Reviewed by V

Intro: Eric Ross has created a gem of a card trick.

Trick: Election

Created By: Eric Ross

Effect: Listen up… Two spectators are each given a deck of cards and instructed to pick a card behind their backs.

When revealed the spectators have chosen the same card with a special twist at the end that will leave your audience speechless.

Notes: A new, crushing enhancement to the ‘You do as I do’ routine
or a shocking stand-alone effect with any deck
Spectators freely choose thier own cards while holding the deck behind their back
Completely examinable

Cost: $9.95

Genre: Card/Mentalism Magic

Demo: http://papercranemagic.com/election.htm

Format: Instant Download

Video and Quality:

Video- The video is also very well edited, put together, and produced.

Quality- The quality of this video is pretty good. There were definitely no problems hearing or seeing what was being said or done. The audio is good; everything is clear and easy to watch.

Teaching: Eric’s teaching was good. The teaching was neither too complicated or any overkill, since it is a simple effect. It’s very easy to follow along and very easy to learn from. No confusion, problems or questions when the video was over.

Method: The method is so simple and ingenious. Simply without a doubt this is a fooler, you’ll fool yourself when performing and setting it up.

Needed Material: You probably have the needed materials already at home, if not they are very common and easy to come by. The material can last you a pretty long time.

Gimmick and Impromptu:

Gimmick- This effect doesn’t require a gimmick, but it’s more of a set-up.

Impromptu- Once set-up, the effect is pretty much” impromptu”.

Set-Up: Takes no more than a minute, and that’s if you’re slow.

Dirtiness and Clean-Up:

Dirtiness- You do not really end that dirty.

Clean-Up- You also really don’t have to clean-up since the effect doesn’t cause any suspicion at all.

Reset: Reset can be accomplished only taking a few seconds.

Difficulty: On a scale of 1-10 (Ten being the hardest), I say it’s about a
2. This effect is ingeniously simple and practical. And the spectator is the one doing all the work and it’s basically self-working.

Overall: A very spectatular and simple effect that you can add into your routine. It is something that I will use and perform. For the price and effect you get in this effect is a great deal, I suggest you pick it up and try it out. I like the aspect of it being a prediction/mentalism trick and the kicker ending.

Score: 8/10

Bonus Effects: Twisted- A great routine by itself but a better closer. Instead of a standard effect where a finger ring disappears, you make your finger disappear. It gets better… in a flash your vanished finger visually penetrates a solid finger ring.

This works great as a closer to any effect involving a ring. This effect is also very visual, there is a gimmicked involved as well, but the end result is just very nice and super visual.

Sucker- Visual, visual, visual. Bitten and restored sucker. You’ll love the method to this one. It will be your favorite part of the effect.

This is such a visual piece. This is my favorite of the bonus effects included. There is a sleight gimmick involved, but it should take no longer than 5 minutes and should last a few good performances.

Distorted- Eric’s take on the card through bill illusion. This one is visual and impromptu.

What can I say, another visual piece by Eric. A signed card goes through a borrowed bill. This one will take practice, but it’s highly visual and it’s impromptu. The spectator sees the card in the bill, yet the magician saws through the bill with the signed selection. Very simple.

I highly suggest picking this up or at least checking it out.
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