Trick Tac Reviewed by Mark Tirone


The effect 3/4

‘Trick Tac’ Is a simple routine in nature that packs a BIG punch. You introduce a packet of tic tac’s, then you ask the spectator to pour some of the mints out into their open hand but restrict how many they take from your view. What ever they do, they MUST NOT allow you to see in their hand. The spectator keeps this in mind and keeps every single tic tac they have taken in a tight fist. However, you are able to tell them EXACTLY how many they have in there down to the last mint! 

‘Tic Tac Transpo’ is a perplexing transposition effect. One box of tic tacs is introuduce with the sweet little mints still inside along with one empty box. You empty the contents of the full box into the spectators hand and ask them to choose a mint. They do so and they slip this mint into what ever empty box they choose. With a simple shake, the selected mint vanishes from one box to instantly appear in the other 
‘A fresh new out of this world’ Out of this world is a classic in card magic. Now it has been given the Alan Rorrison treatment and brought into an impromptu new age. You take a packet of lime and orange tic tacs and you perform out of this world. 

The spectator gives each hand a colour ( green or orange) and makes a fist with each. You pick a tic tac out the box and hide the colour from their view and ask them to guess what they think it may be. As they name the colour you slip it into what ever fist they alocated that colour to. You run through about 10 mints and stop. ” Do you want to see how you are doing? how many would you guess you got right?” astoundingly, when they open their hands they will find that they didnt just get a few right. They got every single one right.

Now you probably realized that this 30 minute aprox. download consists of 3 different effects. This was made for the average to profesional magician in mind. Each one of these effects can build upon each other but were mainly polished for the preface/follow up effect to trick tac, the incredible mental effect using an ordinary pack of tic tacs. Everything you see on his website is exactly what you get here. They are all 100% impromptu and can be done any time. The only thing I am not to fond of is that for these effects you need to dump them onto the table and therefore is not the best idea to hand them out to be eaten due to your hands being naturaly disgusting. But don’t let that discourage you. These are hardcore, practical effects for the real world. Alan Rorrison NEVER misses! 

The download 3/4 One more thing I did not particularly care for was the lack orf performance. I wish I could have seen him perform these effects for real people but unfortunately that didn’t make it into the final product. He does a great job with the visual graphics, lighting, sound, and camera operation though. Those are minor points but in the long run will help out drasticaly being that tic tacs are naturaly very hard objects to pick up on camera, even when he isn’t in a studio teaching these effects. He takes each one in turn with a short introduction of each before each effect then a close up shot with him at a table and teaching these effects in DETAIL. 

The teaching 4/4 Alan did yet another great job with the close up instruction for each effect. I want to point out right now that each of these effects CANNOT be performed without the proper subtlety. It sounds a little more than crazy but Alan gives you professional insight and ideas for each effect that it is more crazy to leave them out. You won’t necessarily have a dry effect but you can have much more. But as awesome as Alan is, he built this subtlety right into the tricks and the teaching so you almost cannot forget them. But back to the teaching, he did a great job teaching and had a great camera angle with it as well. He tripped over his words a few times but that absolutely cannot get in the way of your learning. He goes slow and at a learnable speed so that you can follow along very easily if you have some tic tacs at your expense. 4/4 

Overall 3/4 At the sad yet happy ending to this download, Alan of course gives his thanks and credits for the effects and some more professional tips and ideas for each of these effects. Some more things to point out is that everything you read in the product description is exactly how the audience experiences it. The oil and water was particularly one thing I was very sceptical for but it IS what you read it as. Very fair and ver cool! Alan did a great job. Thanks Alan and Thanks to Derek Merdinyan and Justin Robert Young for passing this along to me! Until next time, I’m Mark Tirone. 

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