Digital Divination Reviewed by Mark Tirone

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Here we go, A brand new effect from the mind of Alan Rorrison! This effect is in my opinion, THE perfect example of AWESOMENESS!! Lets say you are trying to land a gig, And you and your client both have AIM or windows messenger. Send them a sound file but tell them not to donwload it yet. The sound file is a PREDICTION and it in FULL VIEW THE ENTIRE TIME. The client or friend is asked to think of merely ANYTHING they want. ANYTHING AT ALL!! Nothing has been said at all. Just in their head. The sound file is now downloaded and on it, there is a message that reads, “Hey ____, I knew you would think of _______”. Yes it really is THAT clean and simple. There seriously IS a free choice.

METHOD AND PRACTICALITY 4/5 This is such a simple idea lol. There is something that you all have at your expense right now and you can technically do this trick right now if you own a computer microphone. All you need is a microphone or webcam or sound recorder device and you can record your message with the prediction right when you are talking to them and perform this effect IMPROMPTU. But you DO need the recorder so this effect can cost you up to 20$ to perform but it is seriosuly all worth it. But as far as practicality goes, You can do it impromptu and instantly NAIL a client and be booked on the spot with this one little trick. It is so personal! Use this as your pitch so you do not need to call cold. It is THAT simple and really requires no practice

THE TEACHING 4/5 Alan Rorrison bugged the living crap out of me lol. He changes his accent about 5 times in the first minute of the download lol. But other than that, He used a pretty good method of teaching. He was on MSN messenger with a computer screen recording software as well as a live spectator on the other end to help out with the effect so you can really visualize the effect as it is playing out. An honest to god approach to teaching magic in my opinion. The teaching spanned about 8 minutes with special tips and ideas as well as performance stories along the way. Everything is easy paced so you can see where everything is and exactly what you have to do

QUALITY OF DOWNLOAD 5/5 Alan was very smart with this one. He put a special seal on the download so that you and only you can view the file as to prevent any file sharing to trade the secret or anything like that. The camera quality was pretty good. Room for imporvement but not that much. Like I said, He has an on screen visual of everything you need to do throughout the effect so you have maximum learning space.

So you see it is a very well constructed routine that is very fair and can be done impromptu with any client or friend or spectator at their house. I just did this for my friend in another state and he flipped. But before we leave, I want to let you know that this CAN be performed with a text file but that might not be as impresive as the sound file might be but you still have the effect at your expense and you can do it whenever you need a good trick. Plus, If you are in class, Text a buddy across the room just for kicks and predict what he/she is thinking about the teacher Thanks everybody, Thanks Alan! Oh, And if you are interested in buying this, He is selling it at

-Mark Tirone

If you have any questions, Comments, Or concerns, Please feel free to Email or IM me any time of the day whenever you want, I am always open and will be there to guide you through anything you might have troubling you.

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    THE TEACHING 4/5 Alan Rorrison bugged the living crap out of me lol.

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