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Hey guys. I was lucky enough to attend Jay Sankey’s lecture in Manhatten on Saturday night. While there, Jay pulled out his sharpie which was JUST USED, And vanished it without the use of sleeves or anything like that. Then he went into the explanation and inspiration talking about the original gimmick and what it used to be. I was convinced this was it and was saying “What a cheap method” lol. Then he pulled from his case… The REAL Gimmick. I basically dropped in disbelief. Talk about a clever trick.

DIFFERENT PERFORMANCE OPTIONS 5/5 Jay showed us this trick almost surrounded 360. He did it with people on all sides of him except behind him and EVERYBODY was floored with this. On the DVD, Jay shows you different venues and ways you can present this such as a bet, stage or platform, walkaround, school, or even sitting or standing in a bar or wherever you want and be basically angle covered. It is THAT good. But you (fortunately) need to use Mike Skutt’s handling of this, Which is the one you see on the performance with the cap. Jay originally did this with this gimmick without the removal of a cap and it looked good but Skutt did it better. Just letting you know that you can perform this almost 360 if you really play with it for a bit.

THE GIMMICKS 4/5 When I say “Gimmicks”, I mean “Gimmick” as in, One. singular. But when you open this DVD, I GUARENTEE, you will basically fall out of your seat. You will see this and think back to the video and saying “It was a real marker!” (Thats what you will remember) But then it will all piece itself together for you. This DVD comes with gimmicks but only one is used in the actual performance unless you want to do it with people on all sides of you. But you will eventually run out of this special “Prop” and need some more which will cost you about 5 cents each time. So spend about a dollar and you can have around 100 performances. Each time you do the trick it will cost you like a penny. I also want to mention that he included a sharpie marker as well to match the gimmicks.

THE DVD 4/5 I found this DVD to be very short in length. He basically goes over the gimmick and inspiration then the overall explanation then diferent ways to do it as well as Skutt’s handling and the bonuses and extra tips. But Jay did do a fantastic job with this DVD in teaching and all that. I also liked the backround of it all. It seemed different to me. My favorite trick of it all though was when he removed the cap and clipped it to his pants and made the marker vanish and then appear inside the cap.

THE BONUSES 5/5 Now Jay went into the performances and explanations to each of these effects. Remarkerable is essentially a really good way to remove a sharpie and then split it into 3 sharpies one at a time. It is really cool and pretty easy to do in the right situations and could serve you some good usage. He explaned this fairly well. The next was flip’s vanish which we probably all know already. He went into great detail on this vanish and how to make it work for you and really be a professional piece of magic in any routine incorporating a sharpie marker. The sword is mightier is probably the best idea out of this entire DVD (Other than the trick itself lol) But this really isnt anything new. He did the same thing basically in another one of his videos as well as in a book I believe. I forget the name but you can probably dig it out somewhere here on penguin. It was an older video. But still a REALLY nice trick you can do with VANISHINK and I probably will do with the betcha handling since this uses that premise and really wouldnt work good without it.

OVERALL 4/5 The reason it didn’t get a 5 is because it was kind of a short video. But everything else was perfect. I can tell you now, You will probably never figure it out from watching the demo. Jay is an all around nice guy and a really good magician. I got a picture with him and an autograph. Just buy this now. ALL your thoughts about it will vanish when you see what you get.

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