The Spritz Switch/The Paper Dollar Reviewed by Jeff

The Official Spam:

One dollar morphs into a one hundred dollar bill! & Change a blank piece of paper into money!


Running Time Approximately 50min

Kozmo Magic:

Ted Brainard, also known as Kozmo, has been making a name for himself in the magic community. With his top-selling Reel Magic Magazine, to his wonderfully produced DVDs, he setting a new standard for magic production. He has a knack for finding the top magicians in the industry, people including Eric Jones, Justin Miller, Paul Green, Chris Capehart, Cellini, and MORE. His DVDs don’t cost much, which is a HUGE surprise considering the amazing production work.

The Effect–The Spritz Switch:

The magician shows a one dollar bill, which he took from his coin purse. He shows it cleanly, and opens it fully. He blows on the bill, and it visually morphs into a 100 dollar bill! The 100 dollar bill is put away, with the magician smiling.

The Effect–The Paper Dollar:

The magician cleanly shows a piece of paper the same size as a dollar bill on both sides. His hands are also shown empty. He starts to fold the paper, and when it is open it’s a 100 dollar bill. This bill is shown cleanly on both sides and the hands are again shown empty!


This is one of those DVDs that when I look at it, I smile. Let’s start off with the DVD cover. The DVD cover is clever, and something I’ve never seen done before. What Kozmo and crew did was make each side of the DVD case a separate trick, giving the appearance of two DVDs merged into one. It’s very intiguing! Kozmo also made the DVD case half as thick as normal DVD cases, which is also the case for many of his other releases. When you put this into your DVD player, it’s very well organized. I had no trouble locating anything. There is a live performance, then a studio performance, followed by the explanation for each trick. The credits also include bloopers. I enjoyed the bloopers very much.

My Thoughts–The Spritz Switch

I’ve always liked the Juan Pablo switch. I’ve tried it a few times, but always stuck to different switches. In Lonnie’s first DVD set, Outlaw Magic, he presented a handling for the switch which he called Grandpa’s Dollar. What he has done here is cleaned it up, making it much more effective, and much more efficient. In the switch, he has motivation for every aspect. I’m not going to give it away, but the idea is genius. The switch is also very visual, and spectators will not see it coming. The full bill changes, not just a folded portion. A very good change, easy to do, and looks great!

My Thoughts–The Paper Dollar:

This was originally published in John Lovick’s Switch. It’s a very nice change, but my predilection leans toward The Spritz Switch. It looks great, but does not have the same motivation as the other. It is very practical, and is easy to do. It does require a standard magic item, which most of you will have. If you don’t have one, any good magic shop will have them, and they aren’t to expensive. Overall, it’s good, but not the best.


I really enjoyed this DVD, from the production aspect and the magic aspect. For the rating, I am going to give this an 9/10. I really liked The Spritz Switch, but The Paper Dollar was just okay. If you are thinking about buying this DVD but can’t decide, I would say buy it. The Spritz Switch made it money well spent, and The Paper Dollar was a nice added bonus. For $20, you can’t go wrong. Remember, pick it up at Kozmo Magic!

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