Omnilope Reviewed by Mark Tirone

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THE EFFECTS 5/5 Some of the effects on the DVD are basically all the same. Picking pieces of paper and divining it is the basic effect for a lot of these tricks which basically gets boring after a while. Most of them are pretty good though. There are things with newspaper clippings, pieces of paper, foods, money, stamps, receipts, postcards, photographs etc. My FAVORITE effect from this entire DVD, Is one he teaches towards the end with a prediction envelope on the table and they remove a phone number from the envelope. when they call the number the prediction envelope on the table rings. I am going to close my show with this once I get a cell phone.

THE DVD 5/5 I loved how Jay didn’t teach each individual effect in this DVD. he had a name for each trick, But he didn’t really teach them. He went through the construction of the gimmick and how to perform the basic effect with magazine clippings, But that is about it. Then he went into shots with different uses of the omnilope and their advantages and disadvantages. These are mainly just ideas and tips to use with the omnilope. I don’t think these were mainly made to use, Just to spark your creativity and get you thinking. Jay also tought everything that was needed to be tought in EXCRUTIATING detail! Nothing was left out. I already have about 3 ideas with this to try out.

THE ENVELOPES 4/5 The envelopes Jay provided along with this DVD are EXTREMELY thin. Think on the lines of loose-leaf paper. That is how thin they are about. Maybe a little thicker. But he does explain why they are so thin in the DVD. Plus, These are duplicates of the envelopes stamp collectors use so if you have a stamp collector in the audience, If they call out “Those are the envelopes I use”, It adds credibility to the effect. Plus, Jay tells you where to buy replacements for the envelopes.

OVERALL 5/5 Overall, I really enjoyed this DVD. Jay gave lots of bonus ideas and tricks and stuff in the DVD. He really made it worth having and buying. If you have a show or do a show, This is the perfect transition from a magic trick and a mentalism trick if you plan on going from magic to mentalism. I would suggest this to anybody doing stand up or set shows. If you keep these in a case they will stay fine so it doesent really matter if they are thin or not. Plus with other stuff in them it will be pretty thick. So yea, Thats my review. Thanks!

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