Director’s Cut – Reviewed by Derek Merdinyan

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  • Mark

    I really liked that review. Thanks. How much is this? can I buy the actual posters and mount them on cardboard and do it on stage?

  • DerekMerdinyan

    Glad to hear you liked the review. Should have mentioned the price: $48.75.

    The effect isn’t designed to work as you’re thinking. Boiled down, Director’s Cut is a specially printed deck of laminated cards with a movie poster printed on each card. You manipulate the deck like a regular deck of cards so posters aren’t practical; however, you can reveal the movie with a full sized poster.

  • Mark

    Thanks. I will maybe try to come up with my own version that could work for me and what I like to do. SOrry but great review. Btw, How do u pronounce ur last name?

  • DerekMerdinyan

    It’s pronounced ‘Mer-din-yin’

    I say my name at the beginning of each review (watch the first five sections of the review again).

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