WPT Reviewed by Derek Merdinyan

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WPT is a packet trick done right. I’ll openly admit I do not care for packet tricks, but WPT comes with the full package and is ready to dive into the demanding world of ‘workhouse effects’. Despite the fact that a brief reset is required, everything else about WPT is spot on.

Boris Wild’s presentation and execution is straightforward and sharp. Everything you’d want to know about performing WPT is taught in great detail. You’re even shown how to repair/ make new gimmicks, create a new packet for performing the trick with cards having a different back design than the included ones (red Bicycles), how to dive into the effect if you wanted to perform it ‘apparently’ using random cards from a deck, and even how to care for and transport the packet of gimmicked cards. Yes, the cards are gimmicked, but you end with a very clean look and Boris does teach you an easy way to switch the cards, should you wish to pass them around for examination.

Bottom Line:
As far as packet tricks go, I really want to commend Boris Wild and the crew at Fun Inc for putting out a packet trick that goes above and beyond what this humble magic reviewer has come to expect.

If you are interested in picking up this product, you may do so right here.

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