Enchanted Cube Reviewed by Derek Merdinyan

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- Magic can’t get much more straight forward than this: what do you solve with a Rubik’s Cube? You solve it. This is exactly what it would look like if you were to solve a Rubik’s Cube by magic.
- You can end the effect in a way that allows you to reset the cube for your next performance AND allow the cube to be examined.
- Construction on this is great.

Things to be Aware of:
- The cube isn’t examinable when solved, but you can hand the cube out for examination when you’ve finished performing the routine.
- If you screw up during practice or performance, or someone decides to mix the cube on their own, it’s a real pain having to take the cube apart and then reordering everything as it should be; so practice slowly at first!
- Just a personal note, please don’t proceed or follow this effect with a real Rubik’s cube solve (i.e. a blindfolded presentation). I think it would kill this particular effect.

Bottom Line:
It’s a quick effect and so simple to follow. Kids will be entertained and adults will be baffled.

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