Retro Sight Reviewed by Derek Merdinyan

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This is something different an original.
Instructions are well laid out and thought through (as per usual w/ Mr. Knight)
Clever thinking in methodology.
Everything you need is provided with the trick with the exception of a reflective surface (see below)

As much as I like this effect, I’m afraid that some people may shy away from it because one of the items required for the effect is a reflective surface. You are quite open for what you can use: mirror, the back of an iPod/iPhone, a glass wall, napkin holder, etc. The only tricky bit with performing this effect is getting a reflective surface and ensuring your audience can clearly view the reflections within. If you can manage that, then this is a non-issue.

Bottom Line:
Reflection issue aside, this is a very unique and special effect for close up environments.

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