Puncture Reviewed by Will Swanson

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This is a great compilation of pen through dollar bill effects. I really think these are clever, and well thought out. Very practical, and I will be performing them!


It is just what you think it is, the creator talks about how he created the effects.


This is the main routine. a dollar bill is borrowed, as well as a pen. The bill is folded in half legnthwise, and the bill is cleanly pushed through. The pen is taken out, and the bill is shown to be unharmed. The bill is then folded widthwise, and the pen is placed into. Now, the pen starts to slowly melt through the bill, and they are both handed back to the spectator. I really like this routine, and it is also easy. Just imagine Misled, but completely impromptu. By the way, this should work with any bill. There are no gimmicks either.

Holy Rip:

This is whte first phase of Puncture, but with a gimmick. It is even cleaner, and you rip the pen through the bill, and it can even be heard. The bill is then restored, and handed back out with the pen. I think this is a neat idea, and a nice cimple gimmick.


The is the second phase of Puncture, but done in a different way. I like this version a lot, and is also completely impromptu.


A card is selected, and placed back in the deck, or whatever. The spectator is instructed to take a sharpie, and make a bunch of marks on the magician’s hands. After then is done, the magician’s hands are completely scribled on, but when the fingers are interlaced, it forms the name of the selected card. I think this is a clever idea, and people will like it. I won’t use it, because I don’t like to get my hands drawn on, but it is a cool idea.

Thanks To Sankey:

A prediction is seen to be paperclipped to the inside of the card case. A card is selected and signed. The paperclipped card turns out to be the signed card. If you like Paperclipped by Jay Sankey, but didn’t like the folding of the card, you will like this. It is nice, easy, and practical.

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