Control Reviewed by Derek Merdinyan

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- Completely impromptu. You don’t need to do anything or carry anything around with you. There isn’t even a get ready.
- This will play in almost any venue you can think of. Wayne teaches you a handful of ways to make this play in intimate close up performances or for an audience of hundreds without anything extra.
- There are zero health risks when performing this effect. There’s a better chance of having an airplane filled with cyborg monkeys crashing into your venue than… well, you get the point.
- Extremely thorough teaching and excellent production quality.

Word of Caution:
Despite the apparent ease in working this effect, I’m afraid too many folks are going to dive right into performing this one. The majority of the work here is selling the fact that your heart is stopping – and while that is not too technically demanding, it is imperative that you TAKE THE TIME to master your performance to sell this effect.

Bottom Line:
Whether you’re looking for an awesome impromptu ‘street’ effect, a startling close up miracle, or a bizarre wonder for the stage, Control is going to be the one they’ll be talking about.

If you are interested in picking this up for yourself, you can checkout Theory11 at

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