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Many of the effects released by the Theory 11 website have had slick production value. This one is no different. Lee Asher’s Witness (Originally known as the double entendre Deuce Bag) takes the card in hand plot and adds a layer of subterfuge that, according to them, kicks it up a notch.

The effect consists of having a card selected and then a folded plastic ziploc-ish bag removed from your pocket. Inside the bag is a joker that you show and then place between the spectators hands. Magically it changes to their card inside the plastic bag and the crowd goes wild (If we are to believe the spontaneous ness of the magic of DVD editing.)

Now while you can accomplish this same effect without the bag with a signed card, this effect still has the impact of “Magic in their hands”, which we all know is the most powerful kind of magic. The effect plays heavily upon your conviction of its performance and realizing that you are performing an exercise in simplicity. The effect is straightforward and the DVD takes you thru every nuance of the performance with tips and touches that come ONLY with performing an effect for WAY too damn long.

So if you have some extra cash burning a hole in your pocket and an empty space on your DVD shelf, pick this up before the surgeon general deems it hazardous for your health.

If you are interested in picking up this product, you can check out www.Theory11.com.

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