Factory Sealed Reviewed by Will Swanson


Nick Verna

Factory Sealed is just the most bizarre looking trick. It is as impromptu as Bullet, and should take no more or less time doing the uber-quick set-up, if you even want to call it a set-up.


This great video opens with the same teaser from the Ellusionst website a little while back. There is also a montage of the penetrations, and reactions, just like in Bullet. Well put together, too!


You can obviously tell just by watching the performances that Factory Sealed makes a permanent impact on the way the spectators see reality.

The first one is with the same 2 kids from the teaser. He uses version 2 for this performance. You might be wondering why the bottom of that bottle looked weird in the teaser. It’s because one of the kid’s tried to push the coin through the bottom, and it made the bottom of the bottle push in like that.

Next, Justin performs the penetration that Nick Verna (burn this genius’ name into your mind) performed in the trailer. Justin gets a great reaction with it. It is the first version. The spectator takes quite a while staring at the bottle in shock.

The next performance is the second version again. The guys at the end keep trying over and over to make the coin go inside just like Justin did. You can hear one of them say, “he’s my hero”.

For the next performance, Justin performs version 2 again. He does encounter a heckler here, though, but he quiets down with foolery after a little bit.

Next up is version 2 again. For some reason Justin says, “you can see the coin through the glass. Now how the bottle like a piece of steel”. No offense, just wondering why you tell the spectator’s to hold it like a piece of steel. Anyways, it is another perfect performance.

And, here’s yet another great performance of version 2.


Well, here is the teaching, finally. Justin explains how this is his favorite coin in bottle ever. Pretty impressive, huh? It is a great trick.

Version one is up first – it’s the one where you rub the coin against the side of the bottle, and it melts right through. Justin teaches quite a few great variations for this. Justin says this works best with Arrowhead bottles, so you might want to stock up on those. This will work with any bottle though, even glass. This penetration is just beautiful. The teaching is extremely good for this one, along with some great sleights.

The second version is extremely visual, as there is no cover whatsoever. The spectator gets to hold the cap. This is the cleanest coin in bottle ever. You end completely clean for one of the versions for this.

For the other version of this, the spectator can even see the coin as you lay the bottle on top of the coin. This is obviously the one Justin performs the most.

Now, he teaches how to make the bottle seem factory sealed. The spectator cannot open it themselves, but the illusion is audibly perfect.

He now teaches a move to show the bottle completely empty. It can be used for any of the 2 effects.

He now tells you (tells, not teaches) how to get a larger coin inside the bottle that wouldn’t normally fit.

I just have to say, this is extremely practical. Also, this is only scratching the surface to the real underground work of Nick’s effect. You do also get to see some of Justin’s bloopers and whatnot during the credits. Buy Factory Sealed now!

If you are interested in picking up this product, you can check out www.ellusionist.com.

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