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360 is a modernized version of the head-twisting illusion using something that *almost* doesn’t look like a prop. Instead of using a box to apparently get rid of your assistant’s neck pain, 360 accomplishes the same thing with a motorcycle helmet.

Now you may be thinking ‘Great!’, finally something that looks natural. Well, it would, if it weren’t for the cloth drape attached inside of the helmet to help hide the method. Now that’s not to say this should be a bother to everyone, but keep in mind that you may look a little odd – on the other hand, I think using a motorcycle helmet makes more sense than a red and yellow box with dragons painted on it.

You receive a simple instruction booklet teaching how to modify a motorcycle helmet to perform this all-in-one, self contained illusion. This is a fairly involved project requiring more than your basic set of tools, however, it’s not like you’re building a deceptive base; you won’t need a full workshop to do this (think power drill, screwdriver, riveter, etc.)

Once it’s made, this baby is ready to go.

If you are a magic dealer and are interested in carrying this product, you can pick it up at http://www.laportamagica.it.

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I really feel it is important that people considering this effect should see what the prepared helmet looks like, both when it is completed and how it looked when placed on someone’s head.

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