UV Nightshades Reviewed by Derek Merdinyan

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This is the Nightshades we’ve been waiting for.

When the DVD arrived, I was surprised to find everything you need to perform the effect (minus the bill) was included – even the fine-tipped Sharpie recommended when performing this effect. The really great thing is that you get all this for the same price of your average one-trick-DVD with all the goodies included.

The workings of the effect are quite simple, however I’m a little nervous about carrying around the effect just expecting to perform it at someone’s request. I’m not saying it’s not doable, I’m just afraid I might lose one of the ‘parts’. Course, there are other methods taught on the DVD for getting setup and ready to go quickly and how to carry things around for real world performances. I should also note that the package also came with a carrying case to store all the necessities.

One of the pieces that makes this effect work requires you to make a trip to the local office/craft shop to pick up some refills. You receive enough of this stuff for about 100 performances and after that, this stuff is relatively inexpensive.

Construction of the gimmick is pretty straightforward, all you’ll need is a pair of scissors and a few minutes of your time. For folks who are new to the Nightshades effect (Improv Nightshades), it may take more than one attempt to make the right gimmick, but you are supplied with more than enough stuff to make at least half a dozen gimmicks.

The workings of the effect are quite simple. The get ready isn’t bad, and depending on how you perform the effect, there is the opportunity to show your hands clean (but I really don’t think it’s a big deal in the case of this effect). Angles are fairly reasonable as well. This can be performed surrounded with your only potential weak spot being behind and lower than your outstretched hand.

As mentioned on the back of the case, this can be performed with any borrowed bill that you have a prepared gimmick for, although newer, crisp bills work best. If presented with only wrinkled bills, you can keep the original setup but may have to resort to the original change as taught in Paul’s Improv Nightshades (it’s explained on the DVD for this purpose).

In addition to UV Nightshades, you’ll learn two extra effects using the included props, one of which is an equally visual adaptation of Paul Harris’ Peeler. (Seriously, you need to see it).

If you are interested in snagging this up for your self, you can The Astonishment Project visit on the web at www.theastonishmentproject.com.

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