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Royal Stab Reviewed by Derek Merdinyan

Posted by DerekMerdinyan on October 4th, 2007

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Seasoned magicians can probably figure out how this trick works; the cool thing is that it doesn’t really matter; you still need the specially printed cards that come with the package. Yes, the method is dead simple, but purchasers will be pleased to find that the package comes with not one, but two specially printed cards. What’s more, you get one printed on red backed bicycle stock, the other on blue backed bicycle stock. Yes, someone gets it, congratulations Mr. Sanders!

If I HAD to find a fault with this product, I’d have to mention the fact that the pictures are printed on the opposite side of the instruction sheet – but since it’s such a minor detail, we’ll just over look it.

In summation, we’ve got a simple to follow, thought out product – at a great price point.

If you are a magic dealer and are interested in carrying this product, you can contact Murphy’s Magic Supplies at 916 853 9292 or visit them on the web at

The Hypercard Project Reviewed By Will Swanson

Posted by Editor on October 2nd, 2007

Will Swanson reviews The Hypercard Project, available here for $22.

This is a spiral-bound book all about Hypercard effects. What is a Hypercard? It is a busines card, a file card, a dollar bill, a playing card, or any piece of paper that is warped to it look like it was impossible to make.

This book contains some of the craziest effects you will ever see.

Here Tom talks about how he created certain Hypercard projects, and a little bit more about the Hypercard.

1. Hypercard (Karl Fulves)
This one is done using a file card. You bassically have the spectator sign one cornor of the card, and the performer signed the other corner. And then you “warp” the card so the signatures come closer together.

2. Winged Hypercard (Don England)
This is not something you will learn. There is only a picture of a oddly warped playing card. I figured it out myself. There wasen’t any instructions, because Tom didn’t have the actual card to figure out how it was made. He figured it out shortly after the book was marketed.

3. Hypercard Experiments (Ben Harris)
This is another effect using a file card. This is using the basic Hyperwarp, but the signature is on the “mystery flap”. Then if you wish to, you can go into a torn and restored card.

4. Business Card Application
This section basically tells you how to do the Hypercard with your business cards.

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Will Swanson reviews Abyss from every angle. It’s available here as for $12.71

Click here for a video of the effect.

Here, you are supplied with 3 different gimmicks, one of which will need refills.


There are 2 different methods taught of getting a larger coin inside the bottle. One of this is the same as the original Abyss. The new one, is very fast, and everyone will have what is needed.


There are 2 methods taught for this. They both use a gimmick, and they are both supplied. Not everyone will be able to use these methods. The second method really doesn’t seem like it would work very well.


A few basic coins sleights and vanishes are taught here, most people already know them.

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Lucid Dreams Reviewed By Will Swanson

Posted by Editor on October 1st, 2007
Picture 4

Will Swanson reviews every aspect of Lucid Dreams available at Project as a digital download for $30.



This section tells how the gimmick is made, and how to operate it. It is very easy to make, if you have the right tool. I don’t have the tool, so I can’t make it, but it does have a lot of great applications.


This teaches you the method of popping the coin through the bottom of the bottle. This is very complete, and is very practical. The bottle can be borrowed, and everything is extremely fair.


This is the same thing, but it uses a coin that cannot fit out the neck of the bottle. This does use another gimmick that most people should have.


This is Lucid Dreams 1 using a signed coin. It really is their signed coin that ends up in the bottle. Very complete, well thought out method.


This is a big signed coin in a borrowed bottle. Very bold, but it works.


This is where the coin is slid down the side of the bottle, and penetrates the bottle while still sliding down. Very cool.

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