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GO EAT WORMS Reviewed by Bizzaro

Posted by DerekMerdinyan on September 18th, 2007

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GO EAT WORMS by Dan Sperry and the Spooky Kids

I met Dan Sperry at a TAOM in Houston many years ago. (Where I proceeded to talk his head off about stuff. Oops.) I immediately recognized this boyo had talent and a drive to be a bit different, even with a dove act. He does tend to think outside the casket.. er.. box. This effect is one of such offerings he has on his recently re-done website Here is the effect:

You take out a bag of gummy worms and offer some to your audience. You tear it open and pull out one of the worms and eat it. As you offer some to a spectator everybody sees the worms slide out of the bag and pour out onto the awaiting hands of your victim where they instantly turn into real creepy crawling slimy worms…

Dan uses this as a lesson for kids as to always check your Halloween candy. When it’s not the proper season, he just uses it to freak out adults and children alike. Now this effect won’t be for everyone. That’s fine. Magic shouldn’t be about how many of an item you can sell, but who is brave enough to reap the benefits of an effect performed properly.

As an instant download, you get access to the trick immediately. It shows how to construct what you need to make the effect happen. It will cost you less than 5 dollars to make and will last a good long while. For the squeamish , there is even a method that shows how to use fake worms, but make them look VERY real. With Halloween around every corner, now is a good time to look into effects such as this. If you are into the shock aspect of performing, it’s a good find. The only real downside for me is the price. 25$ isn’t much, but for an instant download it can be. I understand the reason for such a thing however. It’s a personal item from Dan’s repertoire and he doesn’t want just ANYONE doing it and doing it poorly. A higher price keeps it out of the hands of the merely curious. (At least thats my opinion.)

Silly rabbit, it’s not just for kids so don’t underestimate it’s effectiveness. Adults tend to wig out over stuff like worms a lot more than children. If you want to see this effect in action and reaction head over to here and see it. Then go to and buy it. Tis’ the season.

If you are a magic dealer and are interested in carrying this product, you can contact Murphy’s Magic Supplies at 916 853 9292 or visit them on the web at

Theory 11 Bicycle Guardians reviewed by Andrew Mayne

Posted by Andrew on September 12th, 2007

Theory 11 Black Bicycle Guardians

Bicycle GuardiansI got my order of Theory 11 Guardian Decks two days ago and have had some time to play with them. I had a preview of them at Magic Live when someone taunted me with them and let me play with them for a little while. Now I’ve had my own to play with for a bit longer.

I really dig them. I think the back design is really well done and they handle quite nicely. The muted colors are a nice touch. Despite the taunting lies of the person that first showed me the deck; it is a one-way deck. A very, very subtle, but easy to spot once you know the secret, one-way deck. I also like the one gimmick card that comes with it. It’s perhaps the most useful gaff in all of magic. I’ll be keeping these in my pocket for a while.

At just $4.95 I highly recommend them.
Theory 11