Imagine Reviewed by Derek Merdinyan

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‘Imagine’ cautions potential purchasers that “if [they] are the type of person that often reads something that is a bit different, and immediately believes that it will never work, then this manuscript will not be worthwhile for [them].”

It is true that skeptics may not get past the first couple of pages, but being a person of faith myself, I pressed on and was presently surprised and grew ever more excited as I continued to read through the pages.

Rick Maue is quite thorough in his teaching and progresses through a variety of possible effects using this infrequently used principle. By the end of the book, you’ll have learned several of the fairest, most organic feeling, impromptu mentalism routines. It’s probably as close to real mind reading as you’ll get.

Nevertheless, I have yet to pull this off. Then again, I’ve only tried this a few times and I still have faith that this will eventually work.

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