Conjunction Reviewed by Derek Merdinyan

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Here are the ups and downs of Conjunction. I’m putting it out there in a very concrete form because you are either going to love this or hate it – mainly based upon it’s real world applications.

Overall, Conjunction is, in the words of Paul Harris, “a perminant piece of strange” that can be given away. The fact that these two ‘frames’ REALLY ARE LINKED should net Joshua Quinn a Nobel Peace Prize…or something.

The booklet is very well written and learning the tear is not nearly as difficult as I’d imagined. Joshua thoroughly covers everything you need to know about this routine. It’s also nice that he’s very open with it and wants to see how this principle will be used in the future.

The major (‘downfall’ is too strong of a word here, but) downfall of ‘Conjunction’ is that the tearing process takes about 2 minutes and you’re going to need some engaging patter and be really solid with the tear if you intend on performing this regularly. Also, it’s going to take some trial and error before you get the right business cards and a good design that will leave your contact info in tact after the tear (although, Joshua helps you out a lot in this department). Otherwise, Conjunction stands alone as a special give away for special clients that, occasionally, can be performed with their own business card – should it be of the right quality.

To close, I have just five words:


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