The Magic Clown

Randi responds to an email about his murky past as The Magic Clown.

3 Responses to “The Magic Clown”

  1. Dave Stoddart says:

    The Magic clown with James Randi deffinitly got a run in Australia when i was a kid!!!! Early to mid seventies. I have a memory of it starting with a shot of his face and as he turned his nose like a switch the colour changed.

  2. marxy says:

    A great story, thanks.

    Can I request that you tell the story of the “Carlos” hoax that you organised here in Australia?

  3. Mike Dufort says:

    The best answer I’ve come up with to “How are you?” is: “I’m not unwell, thank you.” This confuses the questioner and gives you a chuckle at the same time watching them try to figure out what you said.

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