Michael Vincent At The Magic Castle

Posted by Michael on March 31st, 2020

Michael Vincent shared this video featuring a Magic Castle performance. When you visit his YouTube page you will find two more routines from the Castle a few other videos featuring full routines.

Stay safe, stay sane!

Backstage At Magic Goes Wrong

Posted by Michael on March 31st, 2020

Eleven questions with the cast of Magic Goes Wrong, now playing at London.

TV Magic, Online Magic And Free Books [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on March 31st, 2020

Lance Rich’s first place performance at the 2020 IBM Ring 129 Stage Competition kicks off the day. Ring 129, of course, has been particularly hard hit by the Coronavirus.

So, lot’s a good news today. That new David Blaine special is on ABC tomorrow night!

Also tomorrow, Mat Franco is doing another free magic show on Facebook Live tomorrow; you can read all about it on Vegas News.

TriCity News talked to Alex Zander about his position in the IBM and some of the magic they are promoting online.

Conjuring Arts is launching the Quarantine Book Club, a rotation selection of free downloadable ebooks, which you can Karl Bastian’s show, a little over 45 minute, is a kid safe show from the 2010 VAULT Children’s Ministry Conference.

Harrison Greenbaum and the IBM launched a series last week called Who Books That? and it kicked off with Mac King! Check it out on YouTube, it is almost 2 hours of fun!

This actually isn’t magic, but Coach Billingslea’s online lesson yesterday for the Parkland PE students was a class on juggling… something I still can’t do! But Coach B seems like a pretty cool gym teacher!

As long as we are learning the sister arts, now might be the time to check out Jeff Dunham’s online ventriloquism lessons. Lots of performance video over there, too.

Virtual Education Spirit Day Magic

Posted by Michael on March 30th, 2020

Richard Ringling posted this video featuring a little magic last week because it was supposed to be Spirit Day for all the “fireflies.” We did a little research and think he might have actually posted this video for all the students at Ikego Elementary, a US Department of Defense set up for families of US service personnel in Japan.

We have a soft spot for teachers at iTricks Tower Midwest (as virtual school is being conducted up on the second floor) and love to see teachers, principals, etc. reaching out with magic to keep the kids engaged!

Online Magic Show Round Up

Posted by Michael on March 30th, 2020

Stuart MacDonald at the Magic Castle starts off this little list of magic to keep you occupied and entertained for the day.

A few online magic shows for kids and adults…

Not quite a magic show, Shin Lim was helping YouTube test out a kind of audio podcast thing… you can listen on his YouTube page.

First up, Jonathan Molo hosts an almost hour long show featuring several other performers which you can stream on YouTube.

25 minutes straight from the Magic Castle with Daniel Roy.

And for the kids: a 45 minute show from the Magic Hatter.

If you post a show OR are having a live event, let us know! brownbagmagic AT swell DOT net.

Conventions, TV, Jackets And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on March 30th, 2020

Dean Apple and Pinky’s magic show from last Friday kicks off our week. You can see more over on Dean’s YouTube page.

I logged on to the special magic hangout organized by SansMinds Magic over the weekend. For about 90 minutes some of the familiar faces from SansMinds split a YouTube screen teaching magic and answering questions. Then at the end they gave everyone in attendance a downloadable “goodie bag” that included two books and a couple videos so folks would have some new magic to practice. For me, though, the best thing about it was near the beginning when one of the guys from SansMinds, I am sorry to say I can not remember who, admitted that the whole thing was hastily thrown together but really they just wanted to know their fans and customers were doing alright. Sorry if you missed out on this but Vanishing Inc is putting together something in April.

May’s Masters of Magic World Convention will be postponed; additional news will be posted at the convention’s site.

If you are organizing an online magic show, convention, hangout or jam session we want to know! Email me at brownbagmagic AT swell DOT net!

Need something to read? The new issue of Vanish Magazine is out and available to download for free. Check it out over on their website.

The Oklahoman has a piece on Joe Coover, a magician who is using his downtime and his 3D printer to make free masks for healthcare workers. Learn more about Joe or donate a little money to keep him in 3D printer filaments by visiting his Facebook.

Don’t forget the David Blaine’s new special David Blaine: The Magic Way airs this Wednesday on ABC. Guests will include Emily Blunt, Tom Brady, Dave Chappelle, Bryan Cranston, Michael Jordan.

If you are in the UK Now TV will start airing Dynamo Beyond Belief on April 9.

Finally, we have featured video clips of Romanian magician Cristina Strecopîtov several times in the past but this weekend she was featured on the Tennis World USA site because of a jacket she painted featuring Roger Federer.

LISTEN UP EVERYONE: We are going to have a good day, and then we are going to have a good week!

A Free Magic Show For Younger Kids

Posted by Michael on March 27th, 2020

This skirts our 15 minute unofficial time limit, but Nick Barnes online magic show suitable for younger kids is worth sharing! If you want to pass it along, it is at Nick’s YouTube page. Also be sure to check out Nick’s website!