AMA Magician Of The Year: Yu Ho-Jin

Posted by Michael on April 16th, 2014

We have restrained ourselves from posting anything about last weekend’s Academy of Magical Arts Awards because they have yet to be officially posted on the AMA (Magic Castle) website or Facebook page. However, since The Korea Times is reporting that Yu Ho-Jin won Magician of the Year and and the KoreAm Journal has posted the video above celebrating his win on their YouTube page, we are going to go ahead share it as well. For those unfamiliar with Yu Ho-Jin, this is not his first magic accolade. He has won several honors including the 2012 FISM Grand Prix in Stage Magic.

We offer our congratulations to Yu Ho-Jin and remind everyone that he will appearing at this summer’s IBM/SAM National Convention in St. Louis. We will pass along the other AMA honorees once we have an official source to quote.

Max Maven LIVE: Sunday Apr 20th @7:00pm Eastern

Posted by Editor on April 16th, 2014

“I have never seen a mentalist to compare with him.” –Dai Vernon

A master showman, prolific creator, and inspiring teacher is coming to Penguin for an experience you’ll never forget.

Watch the lecture preview:

What will he teach?

Max Maven has performed around the world, with hundreds of television credits and over two thousand tricks, essays and articles in print. He’ll bring that knowledge and experience to Penguin Live, for a teaching session yu won’t soon forget.

As you would expect, the emphasis will be on mentalism, but with ideas that can be applied to every type of magic. You’ll learn commercial, practical effects that will fool you first, and delight your audiences later. Be prepared for offbeat plots and intriguing methods, with a special emphasis on aspects of psychology and audience management.

The lecture will include material that Max has never taught before, including a cunning book test, intimate mindreading using business cards, baffling hands-off card work, and a curious use of the Internet.

Your host for this event will be the canny and insightful Michael Weber, who will discuss details with Max that address your questions, in real time.



Randi Documentary Premieres Friday At Tribeca Film Festival

Posted by Michael on April 15th, 2014

An Honest Liar Trailer from Tyler Measom on Vimeo.

An Honest Liar, the new film about The Amazing Randi which is being described as an “investigate documentary” will have its world premiere this Friday at the internationally famous Tribeca Film Festival. Directed by Tyler Measom and Justin Weinstein (the writer of the acclaimed Being Elmo) the film features interviews with Alice Cooper, Penn and Teller, Bill Nye and more.

Be Infamous

Posted by Editor on April 15th, 2014

Plant a seemingly random word in your spectators minds… Then reveal exactly how you did it! This is INFAMOUS!

Infamous is a book test like no other.
Where other book tests end, you’re only just getting started!
Infamous is a routine with a kicker climax that brings things full circle.

What is the difference between the Standard and Deluxe packages?
Both packages contain the DVD and special cards that allow you to perform the core routine as seen in the trailer. With the Standard package you will need to supply your own book (almost any book will work), and you will need to create your own gimmick (instruction is included on the DVD to guide you through this). The Deluxe package contains a book and a gimmick. After assembly you will be ready to go in about 5 minutes. The book contained in the Deluxe package has been specially prepared to allow you to perform a number of bonus effects that will not be possible without it.

I am terrible at arts and crafts. Will I have trouble assembling the gimmicks?
I doubt it! It is extremely simple and uses standard items you are likely to have lying around the house.

How examinable is the Deluxe package’s book?
The book is extremely examinable. It contains over 300 pages of text from the real book and it has been specially modified so that you could read it cover to cover and not discover the secret. It contains a well-known principle in a new way to tie in with the Infamous premise.

Will there be an option so that purchasers of the Standard package can later upgrade to the Deluxe package?
While there is no immediate option for this, something might be made available in the future. However, the best deal will be to buy the Deluxe package at the outset.

Is this suitable for walk-around?
This was developed with the walk-around performer in mind. The book contained in the Deluxe package is the ideal size to be carried in a jacket pocket. While the effect will play out the same each time, the word selected by the participant can be varied each time.


Footage Of The Controversial Kalanag

Posted by Michael on April 15th, 2014

More footage on YouTube from the archives of British Pathé; this time it is unused footage so it silent as narration was never added. Featured is Kalanag (Helmut Schreiber), a German magician whose later career was dogged with accusations he was associated with the Nazi Party (that is a very long story which some day may make a Monday history article). In the footage women inexplicably bounce balls and Kalanag performs the classic shooting a ribbon through a girl. According to the folks at British Pathé this reel is from 1959, just a few years before his death.

Mini-Documentary Features Magic Amongst Donuts

Posted by Michael on April 15th, 2014

Magic at the Donut Pub (2014) from Magnalux Pictures on Vimeo.

What starts the day better than donuts? Since we yet have to figure a way to deliver donuts to iTricks readers you’ll have to settle for this documentary from Magnalux Pictures about Michael Stevens, known to many in New York as Magic Mike. Now that he has retired from the New York City Fire Department, Stevens is spending his time performing on the street and at The Donut Pub. If you are in the New York area and want to catch Magic Mike live, check out his website.

Mnemonica Miracles: Card Magic to Remember by Juan Tamariz

Posted by Editor on April 15th, 2014

Mnemonica Miracles by Juan Tamariz from Dan and Dave on Vimeo.

The memorized deck has evolved into one of our most powerful principles and Mnemonica, by Juan Tamariz is recognized by many as the most important book on the subject. Shortly after its publication, Juan began a personal project to document some of his favorite effects on video. Using his own cameras he recorded live shows and spent hours revealing the methods, principles and ideas that he uses to turn ingenious card tricks into unforgettable miracles.

These homemade videos are more than just a record of Juan’s thinking on the memorized deck – they are a priceless record of his personal approach to this incredibly powerful principle in magic.

Juan explains over twenty routines complete with essential tips and valuable advice. Juan also includes a volume filled with essential tools for the mem-deck performer.

This represents a treasure trove of secret information. If you have ever wanted to master this principle, it’s easily worth its weight in gold.

Details: 5 DVDs. Hours of instruction. Over 20 routines. In English.

Available exclusively at