Guimarães’ New Show, Broken Wand And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on June 29th, 2016

Today starts with WFLA coverage of a street magician in Clearwater being arrested after trying to pull a women’s bikini bottoms off. Read more on the Click2Houston website.

America’s Got Talent had a feature on magic acts last night featuring those that did not make it through… Some did, though, and we will have more video later.

Playbill reports that Helder Guimarães is opening his new off Broadway show Verso in September; read more on the show’s official website.

The Province takes a pointed look at a spoon bending seminar presented by the University of Alberta that many iTricksters will want to read.

Finally, we are sad to report that Michael Woolf, the former editor of New Zealand’s Magicana, has passed away at 77. More details on the New Zealand Stuff website.

Not Magic But Impressive

Posted by Michael on June 28th, 2016
565 wide 319 high

So we were trying to find an impressive juggling video (because we try to work in related arts here and there) and we found this… Don’t know who it is or where it was shot. The video was titled “Juggling Bola Pakai Sepatu High Heels, Gadis Ini Ahlinya” and it was posted by Maju Mundur Cantik and we don’t know who that is, either. We aren’t even sure what language it is… but we do know that this is impressive.

And if you don’t think it is then you try it! Even in a pair of Adidas Sambas it ain’t easy!

Hey! Check Out This Chick!

Posted by Michael on June 28th, 2016

Everyday we scour the Internet to find you magic videos and news. Sometimes we find great stuff. Sometimes we find chickens playing the shell game.


Decibel by Adam Wilber

Posted by Editor on June 28th, 2016


Siegfried And Roy Movie And Much More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on June 28th, 2016

Let’s start off the day with some new video from Jamie Raven. You can see more (and read about upcoming shows) over on the Chronicle Live site.

Anyone fancy a Siegfried and Roy biopic? Yup, us too! According to The Hollywood Reporter Philipp Stolzl will direct and Jan Berger will write the script (the director and writer of The Physician). The crew over at The Vulture are already going crazy speculating about the cast!

Not too long after yesterday’s Magic Bulletin reports came out from the Daily Mail that Chloe Crawford denies the reports in The Mirror that she and Criss Angel have split and that she will not be in his new show.

The Greenwich Time is reporting that magician and school security guard has made his first court appearance after an armed standoff with police Sunday. Friends report that New Milford magician Kevin Mohan was going through a difficult time and would not have harmed anyone.

Visit the Talk For Two YouTube page to stream the latest interview with Val Valentino.

Don’t forget there is a new America’s Got Talent tonight; not sure who will appear since there seems to be a distinctive drop off in the number of local articles on contestants. True, they usually pick up once the audience votes begin, but there have been stories about local contestants first appearances in the past. I wonder if there is some kind of press moratorium this year.

Visiting A German Magic Shop

Posted by Michael on June 27th, 2016

David Howell is traveling Germany and in the latest episode of his travel blog he visits the Abiolus magic shop in Berlin. We love the brick and mortars here at iTricks Tower Midwest (as you know) and we love getting a chance to peek into a shop a few timezones away!

We aren’t sure why David is in Germany (we think we may be a translator) or even if he has a website. But you can follow his continued adventures his YouTube page.

A Little Money Magic With Chris Ballinger

Posted by Michael on June 27th, 2016

Since we mentioned Chris Ballinger earlier this morning we found his most recent magic post (from late last week). You can see more of the Ballinger Family videos on their YouTube channel.

And if you aren’t familiar with Chris’ work, you should look him up at your favorite magic store! (I like Moustache.)