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Scott Xavier Does Smash And Stab Then Takes A Nail Anyway

Posted by Michael on January 19th, 2016

Scott Xavier is a mentalist and magician who has decided that “winning” his smash and stab routine to go ahead and take one for the team. You have to admit, it is kind of a natural follow up…. See more of Scott over on his website.

Super Ditches Desmond, D&L Target Klum

Posted by Michael on August 27th, 2014

Last night’s live America’s Got Talent show featured not one but two magic acts, thanks to Howie Mandel bringing back Mike Super to join David and Leeman. Super was up first with a departure from his earlier acts, concentrating on magic and (taking Howard Stern’s advice) leaving his spiritual familiar Desmond out of the performance. [...]

You Be The Judge

Posted by Michael on May 19th, 2014

Michael Lauck is a columnist for iTricks. His work appears on Mondays. A few years after World War II, a young Australian couple commanded radio audiences of 20 million or more with their second sight act. While The Piddingtons were able to enjoy a very successful career, it was born of misery. One of th [...]

A Tribute to the Magic of Ray Harryhausen

Posted by Editor on May 13th, 2013

Michael Lauck is a columnist for iTricks. His work appears on Mondays. Last week a man was called a “wizard” and “magician” in his obituaries even though he never performed a pocket trick or stage illusion. The wizard being mourned was Ray Harryhausen. His brand of magic came in the form of amazing stop-motion special [...]

I Opened for Garbage on 48 Hours Notice, Everything Went Wrong, Here’s What I Learned

Posted by Editor on June 8th, 2012

Dezrah the Strange is a magician, geek, skeptic and stay-at-home Dad from Worcester, MA. You can find him at on Twitter @dezrah. Last week he got a call to open for the band Garbage on 48 hours notice. Here is what he learned… I got an impossible phone call. The Paradise Rock Club in [...]

VIDEO: The $10k Blue Man Group Money Explosion that Made Penn Jillette Cry, Clay Aiken Furious

Posted by Editor on April 2nd, 2012

Last night on the Celebrity Apprentice, Penn Jillette executed what he said today in a Huffington Post column was one of the proudest moments of his career. He enlisted the help of the Blue Man Group to donate $10,000 for charity by inflating two giant balloons with ten dollar bills and exploding them next to [...]

5 Ways You SHOULD NOT Change Your Act For Halloween

Posted by Editor on October 13th, 2011

1. Flaming Spike through child’s arm Set up in the pretense of a Satanist ritual kids sacrifice. 2. Smash and stab (using an audience member) To detect if the volunteer is a vampire who could survive a stake through the heart… but of course we have to use your HAND in the trick… 3. They [...]