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Lucy Darling Virtual Pivot

Posted by Michael on October 7th, 2020

The ad for Lucy Darling’s next virtual show would not normally something for iTricks, but her online shows are the focus of

AMA Stage Magician Of The Year Lucy Darling

Posted by Michael on August 25th, 2020

Lucy Darling (a close, personal friend of Carisa Hendrix) was declared the Stage Magician of the Year last Sunday night at the 52nd Annual Academy of Magical Arts Awards. The clip above is from a Windy City Live TV appearance in late 2019. You can see more of Ms. Darling in this hour long show [...]

52nd Annual AMA Awards

Posted by Michael on August 24th, 2020

Yesterday we let you know the Academy of Magical Arts Awards were streaming live last night… We referred to them as the 2020 awards but officially they are the 52nd Annual AMA Awards and we wanted to correct that point. Also, if you missed last night’s live stream you can still see the presentation (it [...]

AMA Awards Stream Live TONIGHT!

Posted by Michael on August 23rd, 2020

The 2020 Academy of Magical Arts Awards are tonight… and the video above is for the 2016 awards but it gives you an idea of the excitement and pageantry surrounding a normal AMA Awards show. Who will be crowned the best in magic? This year you can see for yourself live as it happens! Due [...]

Free Magic Lessons, Shows And Covid-19 Strikes Magic Club [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on March 27th, 2020

The latest video from America’s Got Talent is an entry from their AGT University series featuring Shin Lim teaching a little magic. Ellusionist is now offering free tutorials on their MagicStream service and, at least for the first one, on their YouTube page. You got time, learn some new skills! Rick Saphire’s Magic Shop has [...]

Shining Magic, Reviews And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on January 10th, 2020

WDIO coverage of Kelvin Saline’s anti-bullying magic shows kicks of our Video Friday. AGT alum Aiden Sinclair has conducted his magical seances onboard the Queen Mary and at the Winchester Mystery House but now, according to the Estes Park Trail Gazette, he is bringing his spooky brand of magic to the Stanley Hotel… the reputedly [...]

Carisa Hendrix, Steve Cohen, Posters [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on January 2nd, 2020

MSN picked up a Calgary Herald feature on Carisa Hendrix; you can read the Compelling Calgarians column about her here. The video up top is a little something Carisa posted a couple of months ago. Yahoo has a Travel and Leisure story on Steve Cohen’s show at the Lotte New York Palace. Finally, Fine Books [...]