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Cavan Booth Goes Retro

Posted by Michael on August 13th, 2018

Cavan Booth is a professional magician and Britain’s Got Talent alum. He’s pretty active on YouTube and his latest video is kind of brave, actually. He is pulling out some of the first magic he ever learned in a video titled Pro Magician vs Kid’s Magic Set!

The Magic Of Rahat

Posted by Michael on July 13th, 2018

Since we are talking magic web series, we gotta mention the Magic of Rahat. Famous for his magic based drive-thru pranks, Rahat has way over 5 million YouTube subscribers! This video, the Drive Thru Fire Wallet from all the way back in 2011 is the first drive thru prank we could find… and the beginning of an empire! We are not sure if Rahat started the magic prank video craze, but he certainly is a major player.

That’s it for us this week; y’all have a great (and safe) weekend!

Julius Dein Tells His Story

Posted by Michael on July 13th, 2018

We have featured Julius Dein a few times in the past. He is another heavy YouTube user, but he has a playlist he considers his VLOG that you should check out… it is mostly, but not always, magic. This clip features him telling his story and how magic has taken him around the world.

A Magic Moment With Dan Sperry [Semi-NSFW]

Posted by Michael on July 13th, 2018

Dan Sperry posts clips fairly often, but recently he started a new series of stories from his magic career called “A Magic Moment With Dan Sperry.” You can see the playlist (only two so far) on his YouTube page.

Dan uses some “adult language” but he also bleeps himself… so it is semi-NSFW.

Kyle Marlett On The New Spot

Posted by Michael on July 12th, 2018

When Kyle Marlett was in St. Louis last month and he hit local web series The New Spot with some great street magic. He is outside the Fox Theater, which I am pretty sure has seen magicians such as Harry Blackstone Sr. grace its stage in the past!

Check out Kyle’s series Mutant Powers here!

Stuart Edge Predicts The 2018 World Cup Winner {UPDATED}

Posted by Michael on July 2nd, 2018

So, the World Cup is in the knock out rounds, group play is over and soon we will know which national team is the greatest football team in the world.

Or, we could just let Stuart Edge tell us today.

UPDATE: Or we could have watched Brazil knock them out of the tournament earlier today!

Jibrizy Addresses Internet Know It Alls

Posted by Michael on June 21st, 2018

In Jibrizy’s latest video he takes on all the folks commenting on his videos they know how it is done. This is a problem for lots of guys doing their magic on the Internet, of course, and he has a (maybe tongue in cheek) challenge for all the Internet know it alls.

But, seriously, man… we know you how did that.