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The Week In Entertainment: Sold!

Posted by Editor on April 9th, 2008

MIPTV featuring MILIA 2008 - The World_s Audiovisual and Digital Content Market - Home.jpg

As we mentioned last week, MipTV is an international television bazaar where broadcasters decide which shows will jump from their native borders into waiting television sets across the globe.

Here are two of the magic related sales, thus far:

– SevenOne International, distribution arm of Germany’s ProSiebenSat.1 Group, has sealed a deal for Turkey’s Star TV to screen The Next Uri Geller, an interactive talent show featuring the titular psychic spoon-bender, C21 can reveal.

The distributor has also agreed verbal deals with three more European broadcasters at MipTV – including broadcasters in the UK and Spain – to license the show.

The World Magic Awards 2007 has been sold to Globo TV in Brazil. The fourth edition of the show features Hans Klok with Pamela Anderson, David Merlini frozen in ice, Penn and Teller, and Lance Burton, along with other performances from today’s greatest magicians.

In other show biz news…

• Cindy Margolis (who has been known to pal around with the Bad Boys Of Comedy And Magic in Vegas) will perform a little conjuring herself this season on Secret Talents Of The Stars. Thanks to Michael Lauck for the tip.

• Pamela Anderson is slated to debut her new reality show Pamela on the E! network. Look for possible cameos from Criss Angel and Hans Klok. Thanks to Lauck for this one too.

iTricks Magic Week in Review 02.17.08

Posted by Editor on February 18th, 2008

Special guest: Andrew Mayne
Copperfield, FISM in China, Penn makes a political joke!

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Spin Control: Geller’s YouTube Lawsuit NOT Totally Dismissed

Posted by Editor on February 14th, 2008

There has been some buzz in the last two days, sparked by this press release, that a judge completely dismissed a suit filed against Uri Geller by free-speech group Electronic Frontier Foundation over copyright issues with several YouTube videos. Earlier this week, a Northern California judge ruled that the court did not have jurisdiction over Geller.

Here is what Rebecca Jeschke of EFF media relations has to say about the developments.

Part of this case has been dismissed, but there is still litigation that’s ongoing in Pennsylvania covering the same issues. The case that the press release refers to is in the Northern District of California. The court found that it did not have personal jurisdiction over Geller and Explorologist, dismissing the case on jurisdictional grounds (the court where the suit was filed) — not on the merits. We filed in the Northern District of California because the central events in the case occurred there, but Judge Walker had a different view. We’re disappointed, of course, but our client remains undaunted and intends to continue to seek vindication in Pennsylvania.

We will keep you up to date as this develops.

The Next Uri Geller Hit With Contract Controversy, Randi To Host 2 Hour German Special

Posted by Editor on January 15th, 2008

Uri Geller

Questions emerged today about the contracts signed by the contestants of The Next Uri Geller which may forbid the potential winner from claiming the 100,000 Euros offered as the grand prize.

The contracts were first found by German skeptic magazine Skeptiker and the news made headlines today in the country’s Stern newspaper. Skeptiker will publish the full contracts in their next issue.

A legal expert tells Stern the contract offers no hard guarantees and the winner could go home with anything from the six figure pay day to a restaurant coupon. He went on to say that he wouldn’t advise any client not to sign it.

Meanwhile, “The Amazing” James Randi is set to make his way out to Germany to appear on an episode of the science program World Of Wonder. Randi will spend two hours explaining many of the simple tricks that suspiciously look like Geller’s genuine supernatural powers.

That show will air on February 6th.

Marco Tempest Showcases International Spoon Bending

Posted by Editor on January 15th, 2008

With all the buzz surrounding The Next Uri Geller program in Germany, Marco Tempest just couldn’t help but show off a bit of his own spoon bending skills. You’ll have to pardon the German, the clip is an exclusive to where Marco has his own channel.

Geller too has his own channel featuring highlights from the last week’s episode.

Die iTricks Nachprüfung: The Next Uri Geller

Posted by Editor on January 10th, 2008

We certainly hope the free internet translation we got for The iTricks Review doesn’t read ridiculous to a fluent German. Thankfully we had some of our readers who speak English way better than we speak their language to give us their take on the debut of The Next Uri Geller. Without further delay, take it away Walther and Malte…

The First Uri Geller

Full break down and pictures AFTER THE JUMP…


The Week In Entertainment: Penn Says- Watch My New Web Video Series

Posted by Editor on January 10th, 2008

On the last Penn and Teller Notes podcast we teased a rumor from the duo’s official message board that Penn could soon be rolling out a fix for those junkies of the now-defunct Penn Radio. Lo and behold, Penn Says has arrived.

Slightly different than the podcast many would have thought, this new web series dares Penn to hold a new Sony camera to his head and record his thoughts on… well everything. At launch, we have rants about Dr. Phil, Mitt Romney’s underpants, Hillary Clinton’s terrifying temper and much more.

Above is a particularly interesting rant about Bill Gates and global warming. You can easily navigate to the other launch videos from there.

As of now the videos will only be seen on although, obviously since we have a copy, embedding is encouraged.

• The Next Uri Geller (German Version) debuted last night and we have the underwhelmed reactions from some iTricks readers coming up later.

• Here is an AP article about a Court TV’s metamorphosis into TruTV with a slight peak at The Real Hustle as an example of new programming.

• One more Penn note. He got interviewed by TechCrunch where he explains the “editing” of Penn Says and endorses the Apple TV.