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When Uri Geller Teamed Up With Daredevil…

Posted by Editor on August 31st, 2011

Uri Geller and DaredevilA hero blinded in a tragic accident only to develop heightened senses-a “radar sense”; a young phenomenon with extra sensory powers given to him from a strange light. Sounds like a perfect combo for a team up, and it was in Daredevil 133 as Daredevil teams up with Uri Geller.

This comic was published in 1976 when Uri was still a rising star and prior to the “meeting” with James Randi.

Within the frame work of the comic, it is an interesting subtlety that Daredevil has the ability to read peoples heart beat’s and tell if they are telling the truth, and Uri’s “origin of his powers story” is wholly accepted. Uri also mentions that Marv Wolfman (comic writer) was approached by Stan “The Man” Lee to use Uri in a story. Marv was skeptical, but after having his own key bent by Uri, Marv was convinced he had powers.

This comic really stands out as one that uses a real magician within its pages and sculpts a comic book story that blends the 2 well(keeping in mind the story is written in the 70’s and the cheese factor is HUGE).

Geller, helps free Daredevil from the villain, uses his powers to break the villains gun, and displays other heroic actions and powers in this issue.

Uri has scans of the issue, and his take on the story HERE

Uri Goro, Psychic

Posted by Editor on September 21st, 2009

On August 31, a certain Israeli spoonbender appeared as a guest on the wildly popular Smap x Smap Japanese tv program. Apparently here on his 100th visit sionce 1972, he performed the effects that made him famous: spoon bending, causing “broken” watches and a compass to move, causing a seed to germinate in his hand, and a drawing duplication.

These, of course, were met with the usual degree of Japanese tv credulousness (“When did you first realize that you had super powers?”).

The full 30-minute segment can be found at this link.

Anyway, a week later on the same program, a character named “Uri Goro” made his debut, displaying similar talents. “One, two, three, BEND!”. “One, two three, MOVE!”

Will he become a recurring character, like the Cyril spoof a few years back? Or will they be sued like Pokemon? Time will tell.

Here’s a little montage from the August 31 clips which I’ve entitled “Too Much Wasabi/Wanton Exposure/ICE!”:

Neil Henley is a magic enthusiast and occasional performer who still hasn’t given up his day job. He lives near Tokyo, Japan, and can be found on Twitter.

Retro Footage: Uri Geller’s Gold Hunting Career Refuted By Tim Ellis

Posted by Editor on March 18th, 2009
Picture 1

Great post by Ellis and Webster’s Magic Unlimited blog yesterday with some old school footage of Ellis refuting Uri Geller’s claims that he could find gold deposits for an Australian mining company.

80’s news footage, helicopter rides and a plethora of bent spoons. Can you resist?

Mentalist Almost “Drowns” During Uri Geller Show

Posted by Editor on January 21st, 2009

A mentalist known only as Amelia had to be cut free from a tank of water after she unsuccessfully attempted an escape stunt on the German version of Uri Geller’s reality competition show. Although reported as an on-set accident by the UK’s Daily Mail online, it’s hard to tell if the blown stunt was truly a miscue or rather a cleverly played “fail” intended grab attention for the show.

After all, we remember how unscripted moments during the American version of the show (Phenomenon) came to be the most memorable elements of the series.

Without saying that these are planned out “works,” we’re just suggesting that the format might lend itself to these kind of incidents. Of course, since our comments section has been known to see the wise words of a few of the Phenomenon contestants along with some of the participants in the other international versions of the show, we would love to hear the opinions of those who actually know what they’re talking about.

Uri Gellar Awarded Berglas Foundation – Services to Magic Award

Posted by Webb on November 30th, 2008

We can reveal that at the 37th International Magic Convention in London, Famous ‘Mystifier’ Uri Gellar was awarded the Berglas Foundation – Services to Magic Award, by it’s chairman, David Berglas.

iTricks was there to cover the event that was only made public a few moments before Gellar arrived at the venue. Having flown in especially for the event from Germany.

The presentation was followed by an exclusive interview and question and answer session to those present.

Uri spoke suprisingly openly about his career, his views, the award itself, and his current projects.

Get all the exclusive info after the jump. (more…) Magic Week in Review: 08.10.08

Posted by Editor on August 11th, 2008

Special guest: Morgan Strebler

Morgan returns to the podcast to chat about World’s Greatest Magic Show closing, David Copperfield increasingly impressive torn and restored card and some of the feedback from last week’s episode.

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iTricks Magic Week in Review 07.27.08

Posted by Editor on July 28th, 2008

Special guests: Gerry McCambridge

The Million Dollar Mentalist makes his return and talks about science, Criss Angel, A&E and his newfound love for Kevin Smith dialogue.

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