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Cloaking Technology, Geller On iPhone Bending And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on September 30th, 2014

Our opening video this morning comes from the University of Rochester, where scientists are working on making the Romulan cloaking device a reality.

If you are worried about your new iPhone bending, you are probably even in more danger because Uri Geller believes that it is likely that the rash of bent iPhones is due the their owners awakening mind powers… You can read all about it on Luckily, damage due to Q-like mental powers is probably covered by the Apple warranty.

Neil Patrick Harris is making the rounds promoting his new film Gone Girl. He hit Letterman last night (no magic) and will be on with Seth Meyers tomorrow. I think I am out of Star Trek references. I even looked NPH up on IMDB to make sure I had not forgotten some appearance on one the shows.

The story of the magicians, puppeteers and other performers fighting to save their homes in the Kathputli artist colony located in Delhi is told in the documentary Tomorrow We Disappear, which is playing the Apsen FilmFest. The Aspen Times reports that the film is scheduled to play 20 more festivals.

Finally, Robin Leach reports in his latest Las Vegas Sun column that the International Magicians Society has awarded a Merlin to Boran Yu, who adds magic to the Palazzo’s Panda. Congratulations!

President ICE, Geller Returns To Israel And P&T’s Royal Performance [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on June 25th, 2014

Kenrick “ICE” McDonald is going to be the next national president of the Society of American Magicians and caught up with him for an interview. He told the site “It is an honor to be elected as National President and a privilege to take this step into history. My passion for and the belief in the Magical Arts is so strong, that if you were to cut me, I would bleed magic; it’s in my DNA.” ICE will be inaugurated on July 3rd.

Hello Magazine is reporting that Uri Geller is giving up on England to return to his native Israel. He also told the magazine that he should have been brought to Brazil to inspire the English national team in the World Cup. In retrospect, it could not have hurt….

Robin Leach is reporting in the Las Vegas Sun that Penn and Teller slipped away form Vegas to perform a special charity show for Prince Charles at Windsor Castle. The boys got to eat dinner with His Royal Highness but had to skip dessert to get ready for their performance.

NPH, Geller’s Gorilla And Punk Rock [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on May 22nd, 2014

Mario the Magician is extremely cool, but I can honestly say I have never been jealous of him… until now. The Rockland County Times is reporting that he is joining the legendary punk rock band The Misfits for a show to benefit efforts to build a skate park in Nyack, New York on May 31. Back when I was pro audio work, I did work for The Misfits, but never got to work directly with them so I am serious. We have brought you video of Mario before, so we figured we’d go with a little horror punk this morning. You’re welcome.

The Shropshire Star is reporting that Uri Geller’s sculpture of a gorilla, made entirely of recycled spoons by Alfie Bradley, is going on display at the Shropshire County Show. If you are saying to yourself “I get the spoons, but why a gorilla?” know that we are wondering the same thing.

Heat Magazine (we are not familiar with it either….) is reporting that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have hired an illusionist to make them magically disappear from the dance floor during their wedding reception. We have been suggesting that weddings are a growth industry for magicians a while now and this could really cause a huge increase in the demand for wedding magicians!

Finally, as if Neil Patrick Harris wasn’t cool enough, it has been announced by CNET that his upcoming “autobiography” will be an homage to Choose Your Own Adventure novels from the 1980s. That is pretty awesome, you have to admit. A mustached NPH is hitting the big screens on May 30th, by the way, in the western comedy A Million Ways to Die in the West.

Uri Geller Searching For Missing Flight

Posted by Michael on March 18th, 2014

Uri Geller told the Nathan Morley Show of Radio Napa (Cyprus) Saturday that he is using his powers, at the request of others, to locate missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. The YouTube video of the interview posted above is from the Famagusta Gazette website. Not everyone is impressed by his efforts, though. Derren Brown tweeted “Embarrassing and self-serving attempts by Malaysian officials to save lives on hijacked plane while Uri Geller’s hard work goes unnoticed.”

Magic School, Uri, Wes Barker Clothed and More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on March 10th, 2014

Wes Barker has been getting a crazy amount of publicity lately. iTricks has been skipping more stories about him than we have been running. The way he is going, he just might be the break out magician of the year. Above is a TV interview appearance from last week with Wes, who is back home after shows in Australia.

Here is something pretty cool: The Lancashire Telegraph just ran a story on magician turned school teacher Ricky Reidy who offers the students at Darwen Vale High School in Blackburn magic lessons during their lunch breaks.

The New Zealand version of Stuff took a skeptical look at Uri Geller in an interview with the alleged psychic and spy before the documentary The Secret Life Of Uri Geller airs in the country.

Finally, a broken wand: The Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel carried the obituary of Sylvester Adamski (88), who performed for years under the names of Silas and Si Adams. A World War II vet, Adamski was a member of both SAM and IBM and even penned the book Snappy Rope Patter.

When Uri Geller Teamed Up With Daredevil…

Posted by Editor on August 31st, 2011

Uri Geller and DaredevilA hero blinded in a tragic accident only to develop heightened senses-a “radar sense”; a young phenomenon with extra sensory powers given to him from a strange light. Sounds like a perfect combo for a team up, and it was in Daredevil 133 as Daredevil teams up with Uri Geller.

This comic was published in 1976 when Uri was still a rising star and prior to the “meeting” with James Randi.

Within the frame work of the comic, it is an interesting subtlety that Daredevil has the ability to read peoples heart beat’s and tell if they are telling the truth, and Uri’s “origin of his powers story” is wholly accepted. Uri also mentions that Marv Wolfman (comic writer) was approached by Stan “The Man” Lee to use Uri in a story. Marv was skeptical, but after having his own key bent by Uri, Marv was convinced he had powers.

This comic really stands out as one that uses a real magician within its pages and sculpts a comic book story that blends the 2 well(keeping in mind the story is written in the 70’s and the cheese factor is HUGE).

Geller, helps free Daredevil from the villain, uses his powers to break the villains gun, and displays other heroic actions and powers in this issue.

Uri has scans of the issue, and his take on the story HERE

Uri Goro, Psychic

Posted by Editor on September 21st, 2009

On August 31, a certain Israeli spoonbender appeared as a guest on the wildly popular Smap x Smap Japanese tv program. Apparently here on his 100th visit sionce 1972, he performed the effects that made him famous: spoon bending, causing “broken” watches and a compass to move, causing a seed to germinate in his hand, and a drawing duplication.

These, of course, were met with the usual degree of Japanese tv credulousness (“When did you first realize that you had super powers?”).

The full 30-minute segment can be found at this link.

Anyway, a week later on the same program, a character named “Uri Goro” made his debut, displaying similar talents. “One, two, three, BEND!”. “One, two three, MOVE!”

Will he become a recurring character, like the Cyril spoof a few years back? Or will they be sued like Pokemon? Time will tell.

Here’s a little montage from the August 31 clips which I’ve entitled “Too Much Wasabi/Wanton Exposure/ICE!”:

Neil Henley is a magic enthusiast and occasional performer who still hasn’t given up his day job. He lives near Tokyo, Japan, and can be found on Twitter.