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New Jersey Halloween Horror And Magic

Posted by Michael on October 14th, 2021

If you are in the Parsippany, NJ area this Halloween you can catch the Misfits of Magic at the Chiller Theatre Expo.

Because we are still only beginning to see a resurgence of events and live magic, iTricks wants to help connect iTricksters to live events in their areas. So if you are a performer with a Halloween magic show coming up, let us know!

Halloween Is Coming

Posted by Michael on October 11th, 2018

Halloween is coming… and it is, arguably, a very American holiday. Sure, it has its roots in Celtic tradition but there is a pretty good argument to be made that the American version of Halloween (much like Christmas) is what has spread around the world. Either way, it looks like Indonesian theme park MAPS Perak is totally in the Halloween spirit with a little help from everyone’s favorite terrifying haunted schoolgirl The Sacred Riana. That that Six Flags Frightfest and Knott’s Scary Farm!

Watch Out Germany!

Posted by Michael on February 16th, 2016

Achtung Deutschland! Dan Sperry is returning next month to amaze (and scare) you. There are only a few dates, so get the details on Dan’s tour page.

Aging Magician Featured By OPERA America

Posted by Michael on January 7th, 2015

OPERA America has posted this spotlight on Aging Magician, a new piece by creators Paola Pristini, Rinde Eckert andJulian Crouch that follows an elderly magician on his last hurrah, a trip to Coney Island. It will be performed at the Prototype Festival on the 11th and 13th of January at the Park Avenue Armory in New York. You can learn more about Aging Magician at the Beth Morrison Projects website.

The Naked Magicians: Magic, Uh, Well Naked [NSFW]

Posted by Michael on February 25th, 2014

The upcoming Brisbane Comedy Festival will include a performance by Queensland magic duo The Naked Magicians, who were recently profiled by the Sydney Morning Herald. The piece includes the above video which is NSFW… because there is a naked magician.

The team, aka Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler, has performed a few test shows but consider the Brisbane Comedy Festival their official launch. If you enjoy magic tongue in cheek magic with exposed cheeks, this may be your new favorite act.

TruTV Adding Magic To Its Line Up

Posted by Michael on December 19th, 2013

TruTV has announced that they have ordered 12 episodes of Undercover Magic (working title), which will feature Michael Carbonaro using magic to pull pranks on unsuspecting onlookers. The hidden camera show is tentatively scheduled to air in the summer of 2014. The network maintains that Carbonaro will keep the show light and fun instead of mean spirited.

According to the TruTV press release, Michael Carbonaro is an awarding winning actor who has appeared on shows such as Wizards of Waverley Place and Law and Order: SVU as well as a talented magician who has been twice nominated as the Academy of Magical Arts Magician of the Year.

Masters of Illusion Begins Taping Today

Posted by Michael on July 18th, 2013

The latest incarnation of Masters of Illusion, slated to run as a 13 episode season on The CW according to their Facebook page, starts shooting today in Hollywood. During the course of the next week the show will tape six performances in front of a live audience in the historic Red Studios. Among the talent for this season are America’s Got Talent alumni Jarrett and Raja, Spenser Horsman, Michael Turco and Johnathan Pendragon as well as Farell Dillon, Murray Sawchuck, Shimshi and more. Additional footage is scheduled to be shot in Times Square, Hollywood Boulevard, New Orleans and Orlando according to The Hollywood Reporter.

There is no word yet on a broadcast date for Masters of Illusion.