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Magic Luna On The Got Talent España Finals

Posted by Michael on December 20th, 2021

As this season of Got Talent España draws to a close, there is still magic in the running. Here, Magic Luna makes here final attempt to impress the viewers.

Zac Fallon Turns To Magic

Posted by Michael on December 16th, 2021

Zac Fallon, comic, musician and former Master Chef contestant, stopped into the studios of WATE’s Living East Tennessee to share his holiday magic as he adds magician to his list of talents.

I Ask You: Is This Magic Or Cooking?

Posted by Michael on December 10th, 2021

A recent China’s Got Talent contestant impressed the judges with his witty narration while chopping food blindfolded… Don’t worry about the dialogue. Is this a cooking act or a magic act? Seriously, this morning’s Magic Bulletin mentioned a recent blindfold drive in India. Kuda Bux built a career on his blindfolded mentalism.

So blindfolded food prep: magic or not?

Penn & Teller On The View

Posted by Michael on December 10th, 2021

Penn & Teller made an appearance on The View earlier this week to teach the panel magic.

Jamie Allan And Penn Visit WGN

Posted by Michael on December 7th, 2021

Jamie Allan and Penn Jillette made an appearance on yesterday’s WGN News to talk about Jamie’s Magic Immersive.

GTV’s Amazing Magician

Posted by Michael on December 3rd, 2021

We have posted from GTV’s Amazing Magician before… I believe when the Amazing Riana made an appearance. This is a new clip from the Indonesian show proving that the horror magic she brought to prominence with her Asia’s Got Talent win is still popular in Indonesia. You won’t be able to follow the dialogue, but you will get the idea.

Elliott Hunter Heading To The Magic Olympics

Posted by Michael on December 1st, 2021

Before going off to represent the United States in the Magic Olympics (or what y’all iTricksters call FISM), Elliott Hunter talked to KSBY about his shows at the Cambria Christmas Market and his love of magic.