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A Sword, A Basketball And Billy Kidd

Posted by Michael on October 9th, 2014

This behind the scenes feature from Breaking Magic recently posted by Billy Kidd features the inner workings of their Sword of Damocles piece. You have to appreciate all the work that goes into the series and the actual danger involved, too. Even something seemingly benign, such as Billy hitting the basketballs with a sword, is more dangerous than one may think because not only is a sword being swung around (and even blunt swords can cause a good amount of damage), it is very easy to hurt, even break, your wrists when hitting things with a sword!

No word on when or if there will be new episodes of Breaking Magic any time soon (at least on the US Discovery channels) but you can keep up with Billy at her website.

All Television Magic Bulletin [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on October 7th, 2014

If you did not get a chance to catch it in theaters, Tim’s Vermeer is now making the rounds of the various STARZ channels.

iTricks has been following holograms and particularly their use to create illusory performers, such as Sinatra, Tupac and Michael Jackson. We have also mentioned a few Japanese pop stars who are completely synthetic… hologram performers with synthesized voices. Hatsune Miku is such a performer and has upcoming dates in New York and LA. Before those shows, though, she will be appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman tomorrow night (Wednesday, October 8).

Up above is a video tribute to Birmingham, Alabama area kids’ show pioneer Benny Carle from WBRC. While not exactly a magician, it has always seemed to me that kids’ show host is an “allied art.”

Blake Vogt And Chris Funk on Wizard Wars

Posted by Michael on October 2nd, 2014

Anyone else in magic withdrawal? Just a couple of short weeks ago on American television you had to choose what you were going to watch and what you were going to tape for later viewing… and now? The highlight of the next week may be Discovery’s America channel playing old David Blaine specials next Thursday. Here is a little taste of Wizard Wars to help you get through the shakes.

This clip features Chris Funk and Blake Vogt performing right in front of judges Penn and Teller. We found it on Vogt’s YouTube page.

Ben Hanlin Is Everywhere, Comic Books And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on October 1st, 2014

Now that Ben Hanlin’s Tricked is back on TV, it seems like he is everywhere. The video above was something he did for the detergent company Persil. Yesterday, Yahoo News UK reported on his list of celebrities he would like to victimize (for his show), while Digital Spy covered his prank on Louie Spence (it did not, however, explain who Louie Spence is) and the Leicester Mercury tipped X Factor winner Sam Bailey’s appearance on the latest episode of Tricked. That’s a whole bunch of press for one day!

Speaking of TV, Yahoo is reporting (based on a Hollywood Reporter article) that Wizard Wars has been picked up for six more episodes. This seemed like a given after the second casting call, but even more interesting is the fact that they say the show will be back in January. They also say that after factoring in delayed viewing, the premiere at an audience of 1.3 million and the viewership has grown over the show’s run!

You know today is? Wednesday. You know what Wednesday means? Comic book day! Speaking on comic books, Bleeding Cool has a preview of the first issue of Sherlock Holmes vs Harry Houdini.

We posted a little video from the International Magic Festival in Delhi earlier and now we have found an English language article on the event from the Deccan Herald.

Mat Franco Behind The Scenes At Queen Latifah

Posted by Michael on September 30th, 2014

America’s Got Talent winner Mat Franco dropped by The Queen Latifah Show last week before his Vegas shows over the weekend. The video above shows him taking a little time to mystify a few of the Queen’s staff behind the scenes.

If you want a little more of Mat, check out his conversation with Robin Leach on the Las Vegas Sun website.

Rick Thomas’ Extreme Levitation

Posted by Michael on September 26th, 2014

Rick Thomas is no stranger to television. He has made many appearances over the years and was, of course, featured on World’s Greatest Magic 2. Rick made an appearance on Masters of Illusion over the summer, showing off this very, very tall levitation. Rick has a few Branson dates coming up next week and will be out on the Masters of Illusion Tour after that (more on that later) with more dates in Vegas and Branson by the end of the year. Check out his full calendar here.

Jarrett and Raja Split Up (At Least Raja Does)

Posted by Michael on September 26th, 2014

Tonight is the season finale of Masters of Illusion (Version.CW). It is also Video Friday. Guess what today’s theme is going to be…. No prizes for putting together that today we will be checking out some of the season’s highlights.

First up is a little something from Jarrett and Raja. You may remember the magic and music duo from season 7 of America’s Got Talent or their many other television appearances. They have played all over the world and in addition to the appearance on MoI in the US they were also seen this summer on the UK show The Slammer.