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Magic On TV, The Web And In Print, Sorcar Update And More [Magic On The Block]

Posted by Michael on March 31st, 2014

What is “Wondershow?” It is a variety show at the Galapagos Art Space on April 11 bringing together magicians like Daniel Greenwolf, John Graham and friend of iTricks Ben Nemzer along with burlesque artist Aurora Black and more. If you are in the NYC area, Ben was good enough to tip us off to a sweet Groupon deal for $12 tickets.

The Times Of India is reporting that PC Sorcar Jr’s campaign has hit some rough waters after allegations he has made “filthy comments” about public officials.

It’s National Reading Month here in the US, but magician driven book Carter Beats The Devil got a shout out this weekend from across the pond in The Guardian’s Book Blog. Alison Flood reports on various famous authors’ favorite but under-rated books and puts in her two cents (or shillings or is it pence?) with a blurb on Glen David Gold’s historical fiction novel.

Finally, there is magic on US television this week (for those who prefer TV to books). First up Ricky Jay will be joining Jimmy Fallon tonight on The Tonight Show. Tuesday at 10:30 PM Eastern TruTV will be running a special sneak peek episode of The Carbonaro Effect, the new prank show starring Michael Carbonaro. It will start airing in May. Although it probably will not feature any magic, How I Met Your Mother with Neil Patrick Harris (he’s my president) will air its hour long series finale tonight on CBS at 8 Eastern. By the way, if you are a Hulu subscriber, Derren Brown: Inside Your Mind is currently available to stream from the All3Media network.

Teller Wins, Vegas Feuds, Now Dogs Hate Magic And Much More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on March 24th, 2014

The latest viral magic video making the rounds features Finnish magician and mentalist Jose Ahonen making treats disappear right in front of expectant and confused dogs. Ahonen has millions of hits for this… I did it once and ended up with a mastiff standing on my chest demanding a treat!

Teller has won his copyright infringement suit against Belgian magician Gerard Dogge. The Hollywood Reporter has an easy to read summary of the case and ruling.

The Daily Mail’s featured the story of Paul Daniels (then Ted Daniels) discovering magic as a young man.

Norm Clarke reported in his Las Vegas Review-Journal late last week that Murray Sawchuck and his wife were removed by security from Nathan Burton’s show at the Saxe Theater before the performance even began. Sawchuck was quoted by Clarke as saying that the theater manager said that Burton had requested that the couple, who had texted him to let him know that they were viewing the show, be removed.

Finally, do not forget that ABC’s Modern Family is visiting Las Vegas this week. Although this episode is not getting the attention of the show’s visit to Australia (which did see Sofia Vergara in a bathing suit), it will feature magic in the storyline and Ed Alonzo.

Video Time Capsule: Tannen’s Jubilee Circa 1980

Posted by Michael on March 20th, 2014

Frank Paris, who we assume is the same Frank Paris you see on screen, has posted this compilation of highlights from the 19th Annual Tannen’s Magicians’ Jubilee. The Jubilee started in 1960, but it also skipped a couple of years in the late 1960s so we really are not sure exactly when this video was taken. Our best guess is that it is from 1980 or 1981 because Reagan is president, Lou Tannen is alive and the 9 to 5 TV series is in development.

The video runs about 25 minutes and it has a few quality issues here and there. There is some serious convention background noise and such, but all in all it is watchable. Stick with it and you will see some dealer demonstrations and Marty Brill’s (dated) comedy performance.

New Reality TV Show For Magic Inventors

Posted by Michael on March 19th, 2014

Gordo Entertainment, whose show runner credits included Container Wars, LA Ink, Mystery Diners and Mario Lopez One On One (see, we had a reason to run his pic), has a casting call out for magicians who have created (and we quote) “the next big thing” in magic. According to their listing on, a major cable network is attached to this new series. Your invention or method has to be original, not currently on the market and you have to be able to perform it on the show.

So if you have an idea that blows away Vapr or Bently? Maybe we will be seeing you on TV soon!

Andy Samberg’s Vegas Bachelor Bash Includes Copperfield

Posted by Michael on March 12th, 2014

Brooklyn 99‘s Andy Samberg joined fellow ex-SNL cast member Seth Meyers on Late Night earlier the week. First topic of conversation was Samberg’s bachelor party, which included a visit to David Copperfield’s Vegas show and a wedding present from the legendary magician. This clip does not quite fall into the NSFW category (although, let’s face it: you probably aren’t supposed to be watching Late Night clips at work) but it does move in that direction with some allusions to one of Samberg’s famous sketches with Justin Timberlake.

Magic On Stage, Small Screen and Radio

Posted by Michael on March 7th, 2014

The New Haven Independent is reporting that New Haven Theater Company has found a new rome for the next year. What may be of interest to iTricks readers is that their first new play in the venue is about a burnt out magician and his manager. Appropriately titled The Magician, the article describes it as two drunks “locked in a battle of wits, self-esteem destruction, and who-can-say-it-faster-and-dirtier, and occasionally in a more poetic argot.”

Theatermania has weighed in with their review of Nothing On Earth (Can Hold Houdini). It is, to be honest, not the best review. The NY Times, however, seemed to see the play in a more positive light. Get tickets at Axis Theater’s website.

Jonathan Creek is back on BBC1; you can learn more at the Beeb’s official site (that is BBC, not Justin Beiber).

Finally, speaking of the BBC, BBC Radio Scotland’s The Culture Studio with Janice Forsyth discussed Deceptive Practice: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay with Ricky Jay. We would have embedded the show, but it is only a segment of a nearly two hour broadcast. However, you can listen on the BBC Radio Scotland website.

Breaking Magic Series Two On Discovery UK

Posted by Michael on March 4th, 2014

Above is Wayne Houchin from series one of Breaking Magic. He tells iTricks that Discovery UK viewers will be getting the second series (that’s what US TV networks would call the second season) of Breaking Magic starting next Wednesday, March 12. Wayne, Billy Kidd and Ben Hanlin are all returning but this time they are joined by Nate Staniforth. iTricks readers may remember Nate from his encounter with an Indian snake charmer.

No word yet on when Breaking Magic’s second season will air in the US.