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Brad Ross On Good Day Tri-Cities

Posted by Michael on June 15th, 2016
565 wide 319 high

Dollywood magician Brad Ross made an appearance on WKPT’s Good Day Tri-Cities earlier this week. You can see more of Brad over on his self-named official website.

Jason Andrews Wakes Up With The CW

Posted by Michael on June 13th, 2016

Jason Andrews dropped by Wake Up With The CW to promote a recent episode of Masters Of Illusion. Obviously you can catch Jason on MoI or you can head on over to his website!

Walter Zaney Blaney And Dinah Shore

Posted by Michael on June 3rd, 2016

Talking about variety shows earlier made me all nostalgic for the old variety shows. There was a time when afternoon TV was all soap operas and talk shows. In this clip, Walter Zaney Blaney levitates Dinah Shore circa 1974.

Be sure to visit Walter’s website for more video.

Carl Ballantine Teaches Donny And Marie Magic

Posted by Michael on June 3rd, 2016

It’s Video Friday! I am not really sure of a theme but I am watching an old episode of Night Court while I plan out the day… and if you guessed it is the one with Carl Ballantine, you are right. Here is Carl with Donny and Marie from their 1970′s variety show, circa 1976.

Kids, if you only know Marie from the Nutrisystem commercials, back in the day when I was a kid she sang with her brother and they had a huge variety show on ABC for about three years and, yeah, I had a crush on her.

America’s Got Talent Returns Tonight!

Posted by Michael on May 31st, 2016

I know we have posted this video in the past (about two years ago) but what better way to celebrate the new season of America’s Got Talent than by revisiting Mat Franco, the only magic act to win the show? Now that Howard Stern is gone and Simon Cowell is taking his spot, will magicians find the show more or less sympathetic? We will all find out tonight on NBC (check your local listings).

While you are waiting for tonight’s premiere be sure to visit Mat’s site for ticket information and more.

Richard Jones Takes BGT Crown!

Posted by Michael on May 30th, 2016

Richard Jones became the first magician to win Britain’s Got Talent this weekend. The soldier sorcerer managed to best dancing Imperial Stormtroopers and criticism that he used other magicians’ effects (as detailed in this Guardian article) to claim the win with a performance that included his idol Fergus Ankorn, the oldest member of the Magic Circle, World War II vet and former prisoner of war (which you can read about in this Telegraph article). Despite becoming Britain’s hottest magician over the weekend, Jones tells Wigan Today that he plans on continuing to serve in the British Army.

Among The Audience With Michael Grandinetti

Posted by Michael on May 27th, 2016

From last week’s Masters Of Illusion season premiere, Michael Grandinetti mixes up a standard illusion by performing it off stage and among the audience. A new Masters of Illusion airs tonight, along with a repeat episode and a repeat of Penn & Teller: Fool Us, on The CW. Check your local listings if you haven’t already set that DVR!

Just like brick and mortar magic shops, we have to support network magic shows if we want to see more magic on US television!