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David Garrity Hits CT Style Halloween Edition

Posted by Michael on October 23rd, 2015

Whoa! The host of WTNH 8′s CT Style is not playing around with her full on Maleficent look on this Halloween special. David Garrity joined the show to share a few magical thrills. He makes the most of the appearance with illusions and something interactive for the viewers at home.

Learn more about David (and catch more video) at his website.

Anoi Hits The FGT Stage

Posted by Michael on October 22nd, 2015

France’s Got Talent has started its new season and an early contestant is Anoi, the 14 year old magician featured in this clip. Will a magician claim the Season 10 FGT title? Stay tuned to iTricks!

Louis Yan vs A Flat Screen.

Posted by Michael on October 20th, 2015

This video is not in English… but it is subtitled. But that is not in English, either. But don’t worry, you just need to watch to see Louis Yan put his hand through a flat screen TV. He followed this up with another TV bit which you can see here. Check out his English language website here.

The Restored Grim Game TV Premiere!

Posted by Michael on October 18th, 2015

This almost slipped past us but not quite! Earlier this year we told you about Turner Classic Movies restoring Houdini’s 1919 silent film The Grim Game. After premiering the newly restored print at their film festival, they promised to present the film on television. The Grim Game is premiering tonight on TCM at 8 PM Eastern (7 Central) with a repeat broadcast at 9:45 (8:45 Central). In between the airings TCM will be presenting the 1916 silent version of Sherlock Holmes starring William Gillette. This could be an allusion to the friendship turned to rivalry of Houdini and Holmes’ creator Doyle but TCM is reporting that the night’s programming theme is Lost And Found, referring to the fact that the silent movies they are presenting were all at some point considered to be lost. Rounding out the evening will be a selection of shorts from silent film comic Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle.

MEZMO: Street Magician [NSFW]

Posted by Michael on October 13th, 2015

This not so real preview is from the new ITV2 series Glitchy, which the network describes as an ensemble comedy sketch show taking aim at reality shows. If you are in the UK, the full show is available on the ITV2 Player for the next couple of weeks.

Eric Ross On WXMI

Posted by Michael on October 12th, 2015

Eric Ross was in the studios of his hometown Fox station, West Michigan’s WXMI recently to show off his skills. You can keep up with Eric over at his website.

Justin Willman Visits WCCB

Posted by Michael on October 12th, 2015

Justin Willman was in Charlotte this weekend for a show at the Comedy Zone. He appeared on WCCB to promote the show and have a little fun with the local news host. You can see all of Justin’s upcoming tour dates on his website.