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More Throwback Franz Harary

Posted by Michael on September 28th, 2015

After seeing his promo poster earlier today, we went on the hunt to find a TV commercial or something from that era from Franz. What we found (on Franz’s YouTube page, which is full of cool stuff) is this clip from the TV show How’d They Do That? and we are guessing it is from about 1992. The only disappointing thing about this clip (besides the narrator giving away what is about to happen) is that Franz has dropped the mustache.

Just in case anyone thinks that we are making fun of Franz, please know that we have nothing but respect for him. Yeah, he has had some promo material and filmed performances that are very out of fashion floating around (and fun to check out) but that is only because he also has built long and successful career! He has traveled the world performing his mega-illusions, worked with Michael Jackson and some even say that he did a turn in professional wrestling. Franz has had a career to admire and envy.

Murray Drags Us Into The Weekend (Behind A Car)

Posted by Michael on September 25th, 2015

We will wind up Video Friday and the week with this clip of Murray SawChuck from the Reelz Channel series Extreme Escapes, which airs a new episode Sunday morning.

Whether you have shows to perform, work to do or are just going to enjoy the first weekend of fall, we hope all y’all iTricksters have a great weekend.

Arthur Trace Has A Different Kind Of Magic Ring

Posted by Michael on September 22nd, 2015

Arthur Trace is always good for unusual magic. In this new clip from CW’s Masters of Illusion (which we found on Arthur’s Vimeo page), he does a little ring magic. Only he does not use wedding rings or linking rings but the rings from his school bell! Learn more about Arthur over on his website.

WHAT! You Missed Mat Franco’s Got Magic? No Worries…

Posted by Michael on September 21st, 2015

Did you miss Mat Franco’s Got Magic last week? Just want to see it again? No worries! NBC has posted the entire special on their website for free. The only catch is that we are not sure how long it will be up (and there are commercials; deal with it). Check out Mat Franco’s Got Magic for free while you can on

An Escape From Sehadet Bagirov

Posted by Michael on September 18th, 2015

We do not know much about this performer, other than that his name is Sehadet Bagirov. We are not sure what country this is or exactly what is going on in this clip. We think it was some kind of talent competition, but we really are not sure.

What we do know is that we (Michael’s note: well, at least me) are kind of obsessed with this video. The strange set up, the weird scary clown assistants, the music… it is just plain awesome. You can see more of Sehadet Bagirov’s magic on his YouTube page.

Paul Zerdin Defends Puppets

Posted by Michael on September 18th, 2015

A couple of weeks before we won America’s Got Talent, Paul Zerdin was on ITV’s Good Morning Britain and host Charlotte Hawkins admits she is a bit scared by puppets. Paul talks about this a bit and his globetrotting career.

Last Night’s AGT Magic Super Act

Posted by Michael on September 17th, 2015

Before announcing the Top Five, much less the winner, last night on America’s Got Talent all three of the magic acts in the Top Ten (Piff, Derek Hughes and Oz Pearlman) were joined on stage by Mat Franco and Penn and Teller for an all star magicpalooza. In hindsight, did the fact that only Oz Pearlman appeared on his own foreshadow the fact that he would be the only of the acts in the Top 5?