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Inés la Maga Buried Alive For ITV

Posted by Michael on November 8th, 2016

INÉS LA MAGA – buried alive from Inés la Maga on Vimeo.

The Next Great Magician aired its first episode this weekend on ITV. Viewers outside the UK haven’t gotten a chance to see it yet but Inés la Maga posted this clip of her Buried Alive effect from the show on her Vimeo page.

Am I the only one who kind of hates this effect right now in light of the recent anniversary of the tragic Joe Burrus accident?

The Rocketts On Harry TODAY!

Posted by Michael on November 8th, 2016

Looking to just have a nice, calm day and avoid the election*? Check out today’s episode of Harry (check your local listings or the Harry website for airings) to see some magic from The Rocketts. And stay tuned to iTricks; after this post we are a 100% election free zone.

* You know, after voting like a responsible citizen… if you are a registered voter.

National Magic Week With Gary Goodman

Posted by Michael on November 4th, 2016

Halloween is officially over, but many still consider this National Magic Week. WPTV does so they had Gary Goodman stop by to share a giant card effect. Be sure to visit Gary’s website for more!

Also, be sure to have a good, but safe, weekend and we’ll see you again on Monday.

Rua On (Ireland’s) Today Show

Posted by Michael on November 4th, 2016

Rua, who gets tagged in his lower third ID as “Ireland’s Hottest Magician,” made an appearance on RTE’s Today Show. That makes us wonder… is he hot like trending or is it more like someone in the production booth was saying “OMG! That is the hottest magician I have ever seen!” Either way, Rua seems to be doing okay. You can visit his website, see a little more and decide for yourself!

The Next Great Magician

Posted by Michael on November 4th, 2016

Although we mentioned the series The Next Great Magician being produced a while back, it had honestly kind of fallen off our radar since it is not running in the US. Luckily, Inés la Maga posted this promo on her Vimeo page to remind everyone that the series premieres this Sunday evening on ITV. Hopefully this will end up on Hulu or something in the US soon!

David Zirbel On Masters Of Illusion

Posted by Michael on November 3rd, 2016

David Zirbel is introduced as the world’s tallest illusionist in this piece from Masters Of Illusion. At 6’9″ we aren’t arguing… but we were kind of missing Masters Of Illusion so this was a nice bit to help hold us over until next summer when we hope it comes back!

Catch more of David on his website.

James More Visits Ellen

Posted by Michael on November 3rd, 2016

James More is the latest magician to visit the Ellen Show and they did not post his entire appearance, but they post his mind (and body) twisting big finish!

You can catch more of James (see what we did there?) on his official website.