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Conklin’s Magic Books On Strange Inheritance

Posted by Michael on March 24th, 2017

The story of Rex Conklin’s magic library will be told on the March 27 episode of Strange Inheritance on the Fox Business Channel (check your local listings). This clip previews the episode, which features scenes from a Potter and Potter Auction.

Throwback Thursday: Celebracadabra!

Posted by Michael on March 16th, 2017

We were pining for the summer magic television shows today around iTricks Tower Midwest V2.0… then for some reason Celebracadabra came up. Remember this VH1 reality show from 2008 that tried to turn celebrities into competent performing magicians? It sounds like a potential train wreck, but I do remember watching the entire series so it must have been okay. As I recall, C Thomas Howell won and I think his coach was either Murray SawChuck or David Regal.

1972 John Scarne TV Ad

Posted by Michael on March 13th, 2017

We found this awesome vintage beer commercial on Rene Clement’s YouTube page that features John Scarne… we are not endorsing drinking here at iTricks, just great card magic! But experience does suggest that nothing goes together like magicians and booze… Seriously, you ever been to a magic convention at about 10 PM?

RJ Cantu On Masters Of Illusion

Posted by Michael on March 8th, 2017

Missing summer? More importantly, missing The CW’s summer magic shows? They aired a little taste of Fool Us earlier in the week, so we found this clip of RJ Cantu from Masters Of Illusion. As far as we know both shows are returning with new episodes later this year.

And you can catch more of RJ on his website.

Robert Tarry, Willman, Going Viral And Sorcar Scares The UK [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on March 2nd, 2017

Robert Tarry dropped by the set of Fox 7 Austin recently to share some classic magic with the morning show hosts.

Before we go on: I need to apologize to all y’all iTricksters for letting you down lately. Some big things have happened in the world of magic lately and I wasn’t around to report it all to you. I know Justin Robert Young jumped in to cover the sad news about Daryl, and I thank him for that because I spent last week in the hospital. I am home now and even though I am not cleared to do anything but rest for the next month, I am feeling well enough to jump back into iTricks. The doctors aren’t 100% sure what is wrong with me, but the new cocktail of prescriptions I take allow me to breathe and are keeping my blood pressure more or less under control… so good enough for now! Hopefully, I will be able to keep up with the normal iTricks rhythms from now on. So, let’s get back to it!

Robin Leach reports in the Las Vegas Review-Journal Master Magician Lance Burton is among those being inducted into the UNLV College of Fine Arts Hall of Fame. A ceremony will be held to honor Burton and his fellow inductees on March 7.

The Daily Gamecock caught up with Justin Willman recently to learn how he got his start in magic.

Inc. has an interesting article on Julius Dein, a magician who went from 0 to 6.5 MILLION Facebook followers in about a year!

Looks like The CW is airing a re-run of Penn & Teller: Fool Us next Monday night after Supergirl. Not sure if this will be a regular bit of programming; they have been playing with their schedule a bit the last couple of weeks. Speaking of TV, Antenna TV’s airings on the old Tonight Show episodes under the name Johnny Carson include some important magic appearances. Sunday night’s episode from November 3, 1988 features Harry Lorayne and next Thursday’s episode, originally from June 11, 1986 includes Michael Ammar.

Finally, Mental Floss looks at PC Sorcar’s 1956 BBC appearance that basically caused a major panic when it appeared he may have actually sawed into a woman on live television!

Harrison Greenbaum (Kinda) Has A New Special

Posted by Michael on February 16th, 2017

You may know Harrison Greenbaum from his Genii column or his TV appearances on shows such as Last Comic Standing. He sent us the first trailer from his new special What Just Happened? and, well, it is just a little bit different than other specials. First of all, it hasn’t actually been shot yet. Honestly, it is not terribly unusual for a project to have advance promotion even before being completed. The second thing is that nobody has actually asked him to do this special… you can follow his efforts to get his own special at his blog I Want A Netflix Special (But Seeso Or Amazon Is Cool, Too). There are even a couple of really easy things you can do to help Harrison achieve his dream… Help him achieve his dream of a Netflix special, people!

The Magic Circle: Not Just For Humans Anymore

Posted by Michael on February 8th, 2017

This is the opening (or at least one of them) for The Sooty Show. Chances are lots of iTricksters will not be familiar with the little yellow magic wand wielding sock puppet (‘specially if you are not British) but the show has had a few incarnations and run since the mid-1950s. So why is any of this on iTricks? According to a post I caught sight of on Twitter (and now can’t find) and this Warrington Guardian article, Sooty is the first bear and the first non-human ever to be inducted into the famed Magic Circle!