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Piff On TBS’ Tournament Of Laughs

Posted by Michael on July 6th, 2020

Apparently TBS has a new show called Tournament Of Laughs which is pitting comics together against each other in a regional, March madness style bracketed competition. We were not aware of it, to be honest, but Piff the Magic Dragon is part of the competition. Here is his entry.

Marvyn Roy On The Magic Palace

Posted by Michael on July 2nd, 2020

From Magicana’s collection of Magic Palace performances (on their YouTube page) comes this appearance of Marvyn and Carol Roy.

Murray Performing Marvyn Roy’s Effect

Posted by Michael on July 2nd, 2020
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A highlight from Penn & Teller: Fool Us featuring Murray Sawchuck performing the piece taught to him by Marvyn Roy in the video we shared with you this morning.

Kess The Illusionist On Synergy

Posted by Michael on July 1st, 2020

Kess the Illusionist performing on the Trinidad/Tobago television channel Synergy. We are not sure exactly when this was, but it sure looks like a party!

More Penn Promoting Fool Us

Posted by Michael on June 30th, 2020

This interview, another which sees Penn Jillette visiting with local news to promote the new season of The CW’s Penn & Teller: Fool Us, is from Charlotte’s WCCB.

Trigg Watson Shops Virtually Now

Posted by Michael on June 26th, 2020

Trigg Watson posted this clip from a recent Masters Of Illusion appearance.

Shawn Farquhar Returns To Fool Us

Posted by Michael on June 25th, 2020

He was the first magician ever to fool Penn and Teller twice, so Shawn Farquhar returned in the Penn & Teller: Fool Us season premiere to press his luck.