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Congratulations To Dennis Watkins And His Magic Parlour

Posted by Michael on January 28th, 2019

Dennis Watkins’ Magic Parlour, at Chicago’s Palmer House Hilton, now has 1,000 performances behind it! This is an amazing milestone for any show and iTricks wants to extend our congratulations to Dennis and wish him at least 1,000 more shows! You can read more about the show in the Chicago Tribune.

“Steampunk” Magic Show Triumph Sets Debut Date

Posted by Editor on November 10th, 2010

According to Robin Leach, the Hilton Las Vegas’ new show Triumph is set to bow November 22nd. Not only that, but it apparently will feature heavy steampunk influences.

Triumph embraces the genre of Steampunk, which has grown in popularity since its emergence in the late 1980s. The story follows two champions who are on the quest to become the Titans of Magic. Through time travel, they travel back to historic moments to visit people and places including Kublai Khan at The Great Wall of China and Nikola Tesla at the 1892 World’s Fair. On their path to enlightenment, they are tasked with righting the wrongs in history in order to gain the knowledge they need to become the Titans of Magic.

“We have drawn inspiration from the works of K.W. Jeter, who is known as the father of Steampunk storytelling, and incorporated the Steampunk genre into our script, costumes, set design and dance,” said Larry and Rafael, who also go by LaRaf. “With that, we hope to create a cult following much like The Rocky Horror Picture Show. We encourage our guests to dress up in the Steampunk fashion. We’ve designated special seating for those who do and will be incorporating them into the show in a form of audience participation that Vegas hasn’t seen before.”

That’s does it. This show is now on the top of our list of things we have to see the next time we’re in Vegas.