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Jason Bird’s High Tech New Assistant

Posted by Michael on March 20th, 2017

Drone Stab from Jason Bird on Vimeo.

This new video from Jason Bird shows an effect he created with Dallas Fueston which they titled (at least in the video) Drone Stab. You an see more of Jason on his official website.

It’s Pi Day 2017!

Posted by Michael on March 14th, 2017

It is Pi Day… because it is 3/14. But in addition to being a day to celebrate the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter (that is what the mathematical constant pi is… I wasn’t always a magic reporter; I first majored in physics originally) people are celebrating other versions of pi(e). Check your local news for deals on pizza pies or apple pies. But around iTricks Tower Midwest our favorite pi is the Raspberry Pi, the ultra low cost single board computer that can be used for a wide variety of rad projects. If you aspire to be what the hip kids call “a maker,” then you should familiarize yourself with the Raspberry Pi. We have picked up versions (the very functional Pi Zero) for as low as $5! And this is how Raspberry Pi celebrated their anniversary.

Marco Tempest Controls The Swarm

Posted by Michael on February 11th, 2016

The latest video from techno-mage Marco Tempest simply features Marco, a big empty space and two dozen quadcopter. As you can see for yourself above, Marco stands in the middle of the fleet flying robots in his newest technological demonstration that puts him just that much closer to being a villain on The Flash. (Seriously, if those were robot bees…)

Read more about the demonstration on Mashable and watch more of Marco on his YouTube channel.

iPads, Chimps And Magicians… Oh My!

Posted by Michael on February 9th, 2016

Simon Pierro is kicking off the Year of the Fire Monkey with a little magic for monkeys… well, chimpanzees. Magic for animals, by the way, is going to be kind of a theme today. You can read more about Simon’s video in this Cult Of Mac article. You can also follow Simon over on his website.

200 Year Old Sailing Ship Automaton

Posted by Michael on August 21st, 2015

Earlier today we mentioned a Slate article on The Turk, the infamous automaton that is thought by most to have been an elaborate hoax. Automatons were real, of course, and although many think of them as large scale impressive devices most were smaller devices that could be easily displayed in the homes of the upper classes. Many clocks, such as cuckoo clocks, featured automatons in their design such as this piece from Douglas Fisher’s Youtube page. Visit to see many more examples of automatons.

Simon Pierro Keeps Up With The Times

Posted by Michael on June 8th, 2015

You may know Simon Pierro as “The iPad Magician” but this video proves he stays on the cutting edge as he performs with the Apple Watch!

You can always catch more of Simon’s magic on his YouTube page.

Magician Behind Sweet Pi-Based Famiclone*

Posted by Michael on April 15th, 2015

Daniel Spies is a magician, but he is also an avid tinkerer. He has taken a Raspberry Pi, applied some programming know how and a sweet 3D printed case to come up with this amazing Nintendo-inspired game box called the Nin10do. You can check out more of his videos, which include his magic performances and more (subtitled) video on the Nin10do on his YouTube page.

*The original Japanese name for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was the Famicom!