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Indian Magician to do 10 Hour Blindfold Drive

Posted by Editor on August 14th, 2012

samarth shenoy-1.png

Talk about a long distance stunt.

Indian magician Samarth Shenoy plans on riding his scooter from Mysore to Mangalore blindfolded at 25 km at city limits and 35 km on the highway. The entire trip will take him 10 hours.

The agenda behind the adventure is to complete the feat within 10 hours and reach Nehru Maidan of Mangalore by 5 pm. He wants to enter Limca Book of World Records and Record Setter. His eyes would be covered with a 5 mm cloth and a mask upon it of 5 mm.

He starts his journey tomorrow. We wish him luck.

JC Sum & Magic Babe Ning Prepare to Livestream Singapore Mentalism Stunt

Posted by Editor on January 5th, 2012

Consider us excited to see what JC Sum and Magic Babe Ning have up their sleeves for their mentalism stunt The Mind Heist this weekend. The internet friendly demonstration will be streamed with a three camera set-up making it the most net accessible magic event we can remember since Criss Angel’s Concrete Block endurance escape.

Sum and Ning will attempt to read the minds of 100 random spectators while isolated.

You might want to plan on staying up late to watch it if you’re on Eastern Time though. It is slated to begin at 2 a.m. in the wee hours of Saturday morning. You’ll be able to see it all go down at


How a Magician Publicly Pwned Radio Pioneer Marconi

Posted by Editor on December 30th, 2011

Guglielmo Marconi is a titan of our wireless age. He helped pioneer technology that completely reshaped society and redefined mass communication.

He also got metaphorically spanked in public by a 39-year-old magician who proved that Marconi was overstating the security of his radio transmissions. The place was the Royal Academy of Sciences in London and Marconi was about to demonstrate the great distance that his radio signals could travel. 300 miles, from Cornwall to London, to be exact.

But before he could squirt a single signal…

Someone… was beaming powerful wireless pulses into the theatre and they were strong enough to interfere with the projector’s electric arc discharge lamp. Mentally decoding the missive, [Fleming’s assistant Arthur] Blok realised it was spelling one facetious word, over and over: “Rats”. A glance at the output of the nearby Morse printer confirmed this. The incoming Morse then got more personal, mocking Marconi: “There was a young fellow of Italy, who diddled the public quite prettily,” it trilled. Further rude epithets – apposite lines from Shakespeare – followed.

That man was Nevil Maskelyne a magician and wireless pioneer in his own right who decided to prove the privacy limitations of radio by trolling Marconi… hard. Maskelyne went on to write several books including Our Magic: The Art in Magic, the Theory of Magic, the Practice of Magic (with David Devant) and On the Performance of Magic.

iTricks Magic Week in Review: Joe Monti

Posted by Editor on August 22nd, 2010

The Guest:
Joe Monti

Magician, creative consultant and comedian Joe Monti discusses what makes a magician likable on stage and on television. Also, why any of the four magicians left on America’s Got Talent should win over the 10-year-old opera prodigy.

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Download here Magic Week In Review: 05.09.10

Posted by Editor on May 12th, 2010

The Guests:
Brett Loudermilk

How do you dress up a sideshow act? We get the backstage scoop from Todd Robbin’s new play Play Dead. David Blaine’s new stunt is revealed and Criss Angel ruins a luau.

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Download here Magic Week In Review: 04.12.10

Posted by Editor on April 11th, 2010

The Guests:
Eric DeCamps
Paul Gertner

Is science going to destroy magic? Why does Nic Cage love playing illusionists? The latest on Lance Burton and make sure you listen for your chance to get tickets to SAM’s Salute to Magic in New York City!

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iTricks Magic Stars Podcast 04.08.10

Posted by Editor on April 9th, 2010

The Steve Wyrick theater is reopening but with a new name. Another Vegas show is headed to the Jersey Shore and the latest new on Lance.

Newsmaker Interview: Sean Fields the inventor and consultant for recent season’s of Mindfreak talks about performance and practice.


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