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Behind the Scenes of Rudy Coby’s Magic vs. Science at the Magic Castle

Posted by Editor on May 5th, 2014

This year Rudy Coby brought something really special to the stage at the Magic Castle. When your pre-show video involves a camera drone flying over Hollywood Boulevard capturing Rudy Coby as he drives his ten foot tall giant Vans shoe to the valet stand, you know you’re up for something out of this world. How does all that crazy genius come together? We asked insider Valeria Benavides to share with us what it’s like to be behind the scenes for The Coolest Magician on Earth’s™ show during Magic vs. Science Week at the Magic Castle.

Hello, my name is Valeria and I am one of 16 performers from Rudy Coby’s recent “Magic vs. Science” show at the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. The Magic Castle is the exclusive clubhouse of The Academy of Magical Arts where magicians perform incredible shows for fans of magic. This is one of the most wondrous and enchanting environments in Los Angeles, decorated with classical magical relics and filled with people dressed in elegant evening wear.

Rudy Coby is a wacky magician/mad scientist who aims to make his audiences laugh and cringe by performing acts like a four-legged dance and hammering a nail into his skull. His towering jet black hair, dark sunglasses and white labcoat do the trick to transfix all who see him. He is truly a delight to watch; I would recommend his show to anyone!

The other stars of the show are outstanding performers: Pharside and his dancers, The Academy of Villains and the world-famous turntablist DJ Swamp. This was the first time that Rudy has shared his stage with these performers; it was truly a very special event! I can’t believe I got to be part of such an amazing cast of characters!

Pharside and his partner Krystal Meraz, who choreograph and direct the Academy of Villains, lead 10 dancers in the show. They are all brilliant, accomplished dancers that have competed in many competitions including the hit TV show, “America’s Got Talent.” Several of the Villains play the B-boy whose role is to assist and dance in the show. Krystal and the Villains perform a shadow dance which the troupe is known for. The dance is performed behind a white screen with lights that shine to reveal silhouetted bodies and objects. It’s mesmerizing to watch and adds a very hip and creative element to the show. They have created a shadow dance especially for “Magic vs. Science.” Hours and hours of late night (and early morning) practices went into its creation. I know because I’ve been there throughout the process.

Pharside plays Rudy’s rival, a twisted magician complete with a big black painted-on curly mustache, cape, and a top hat with a skull stenciled on it. They compete using appropriate antics to prove whether Rudy’s science or Pharside’s magic is superior.

DJ Swamp plays himself and is another unique part of the show. Swamp is an award-winning DJ who has collaborated with artists such as Beck, The Crystal Method, Ben Folds, and DEVO. Swamp does what he does best, spin records while looking strong and cool as hell. He had solos where he dazzles the audience with his tricks; he scratches records while sparks fly from his hands and he shoots flames of fire from his fingertip! Dangerous but captivating! Who doesn’t love fire?

My colleague, Xine Zanillo, and I served dual roles in the show: we were on-stage mummy girls and backstage assistants to Rudy Coby and producer Bob Self of Baby Tattoo Books. Bob played an important role in organizing and sponsoring the show, and I was his right-hand woman. Behind the scenes, I kept track of everything related to the show. I set-up props, set up and took down equipment, bought supplies, and even made coffee. Xine was Rudy’s assistant and, like me, had the same responsibilities helping to insure things ran as smooth as they could, and we did it all while wearing head-to-toe mummy bodysuits…just kidding.

A very important team member and special friend/fan, Karl Neilson, came all the way from New Zealand! I thought it was so impressive for someone to do that. He served as Rudy’s “secret agent,” helping him with things like costume changes back stage.

I met Karl one evening at Rudy’s huge space in L.A. ( known as 2517), where all our rehearsals took place. Rudy, Bob, Karl, Anthony Silva (our awesome videographer), Xine and others were working on shooting a promo video. The next night we got in a van that towed a giant Vans sneaker which was loaned to us by the CEO himself, Steve Van Doren! Inside the shoe sat Rudy Coby, being his hilarious and bigger-than-life self! We drove up and down Hollywood Boulevard with Rudy inside the shoe while Anthony filmed. At one point a drunk girl ran up to the shoe and climbed inside with Rudy but her boyfriend wasn’t too happy about that. It was funny stuff, I have the video (lol). It was a blast! Getting ready for the show was all fun but now it was time to fit it all on stage at the Castle!

Rudy Coby’s Magic vs Science opened on the evening of April 21st, 2014 in the Palace of Mystery, the largest theater at the Magic Castle. There were three shows a night, a total of 21 shows that were filled to capacity; everyone wanted to see Rudy Coby and his new cast of characters! The show was truly a success. After each night we would mingle with fans, associates of the Castle and other famous magicians who also performed that week. It was a dream to me, truly a magical time indeed that I’ll never forget. I want to thank everyone who so warmly welcomed me into this wonderful world of performance and magic, I felt totally at home.

Always with pleasure,

Valeria Benavides

Rudy Coby Hits The B-Movies Podcast

Posted by Michael on April 2nd, 2014

The coolest magician on Earth, Rudy Coby, dropped by CraveOnline’s B-Movies Podcast for their latest episode. There is some movie talk, of course (including some weird history tied to Coby’s studio), and plenty of talk about his career. If you need more Rudy Coby, check out his visit to the our own podcast a couple of years ago.

Magic At Shanghai Arts Festival

Posted by Michael on November 13th, 2013

The English version of CCTV News covered the international magic show held in Shanghai this weekend as part of an ongoing arts festival. Over a dozen acts from all over the world graced the stage with the report featuring Rudy Coby and Fu Yandong, the only Chinese magician to perform in the show. While the piece really highlights the nation’s appetite for magic, Fu offers a surprisingly candid opinion on the state of the Chinese magic industry.

Meanwhile, In Russia… Rudy Coby Kills on Got Talent Show

Posted by Editor on August 16th, 2012
Удиви Меня 3 сезон 4 выпуск (lite) - YouTube.png

In Russia.. Labman eliminates YOU!

Posted by the man himself, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” for Rudy Coby. One night after he was eliminated from America’s Got Talent, a young man on Russia’s Got Talent killed the audience… with a dead, movement for movement rip off of Rudy’s Four Legs routine.

Click here to skip right to the clip or move the curser to about 59 minutes in on the embed below.

Rudy Coby (AND Eric Buss) Being Advertised for America’s Got Talent YouTube Show?

Posted by Editor on July 26th, 2012 Magic News, Magic Videos and Podcasts.png

UPDATE: We totally missed that Eric Buss is also in this promo. Screen grab below.

We mentioned a few weeks ago that Rudy Coby was the leading vote getter in America’s Got Talent YouTube Week competition. Twelve of those top acts are set to perform live on the show in three weeks when AGT returns from hiatus after the London Olympics.

Although we’ve heard no official confirmation from anyone, we do have our first sign that Rudy will appear on that show.

The above screen grab is from a promo run last night about the YouTube week. It’s clearly a shot from Rudy’s Puppet Boy video. A similar promo was our first official hint Dan Sperry would appear on YouTube week two years ago.

We will have plenty of time to break this down in the future, but Rudy entering the competition this late is very interesting. Between the newly minted semi-finalist Eric Dittelman and a possible magic act in the Call Back Week, we could see three magicians with a good chance at making the final show, or dare we say it, with a chance to win to win it all. Magic News, Magic Videos and Podcasts-1.png

Which Magicians are Going to Appear on AGT’s YouTube Week?

Posted by Editor on July 9th, 2012
americas got talent rudy coby bambi vanburch eric buss.jpg

For the last few weeks, America’s Got Talent has asked the viewing audience to vote on acts for their YouTube Week. This late season interlude allows many acts to jump right into the competition. For magicians, it is most notably the point when Dan Sperry made his splash on the show back in 2010.

This year the voting is closed and here is how the view counts stand as for this posting. Please note, these are not the final numbers AGT will have to look at since there’s been a day or so since the voting window officially closed.

Three magicians were in the running…

Eric Buss: Sping Snake Symphony

An act good enough to play Letterman garnered 5,029 views which included 115 likes and 300 dislikes. To be fair, the waltz overdubbed on his video is off-sync. Compare that to the exact same clip with the original audio and see the difference.

Bad break for Buss.

Bambi VanBurch Princess of Magic

This Branson staple earned herself 5,928 views with 101 likes and 52 dislikes. Considering AGT will pull 12 acts for YouTube week, this would seem to give her a fighting chance of making it on the show.

Rudy Coby: Puppet Boy

Even without the original Devo ditty, Rudy snagged 28,586 views featuring 453 likes and 142 dislikes. By our count this made him the leader among all audition videos in terms of view count and should give him a pretty clear path to the show.

Congrats to Rudy!

As for the final roster on who will appear, only the AGT brass knows for sure. The rest of us have to wait until August 14th to find out.

Rudy Coby Needs Your Vote to Get on America’s Got Talent

Posted by Editor on June 27th, 2012
rudy coby americas got talent.jpg

The brilliant Rudy Coby has been selected to appear on America’s Got Talent through their YouTube show. This is the same opportunity that proved out for Coby’s buddy Dan Sperry. In fact, Coby helped Sperry create his own Nikki Terminator used in Sperry’s second performance.

But now, we have a chance to put the man himself on the show. We encourage you to vote early and as often as possible within the rules. Below is the video you need to vote for. It’s Coby’s signature Puppet Boy routine, with a goofy royalty-free soundtrack substitute.

Head to this page, click on Rudy’s video and vote in the window that pops up next to it.

Good luck Rudy!