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Murray Keeps Messing With Cops

Posted by Michael on January 3rd, 2018

I don’t know… maybe I am just nostalgic for my days working for the police department. Bottom line is that Murray SawChuck’s recent video (above) made me laugh. Sure, it is a cheap gag but Murray knows this officer. Which is good, because he messes with cops a whole bunch over on his YouTube page.

Murray SawChuck Adds Sword Swallowing To Act (Kind Of)

Posted by Michael on July 6th, 2017

Murray SawChuck has a pretty full schedule as a Vegas magician and Internet prankster… but not too busy to add sword swallowing to his resume. See more of Murray’s pranks and tricks on his YouTube page.

Murray Teaches The Difference Between Kid And Adult Tricks

Posted by Michael on April 26th, 2017

Even though Murray SawChuck was off on his first USO Tour, he still had time to drop a new video on his YouTube prank channel over the weekend. He meets up with a police (or security) officer who begrudgingly agrees to watch some magic and ends up teaching a lesson on the different types of magic.

Robbin’ Banks With Chris Ramsay

Posted by Michael on April 14th, 2017

It looks like Chris Ramsay’s recent decision to quit his job and make YouTube videos isn’t working out the way he hoped… or maybe this was his plan all along. In his latest video he is seen magically “robbing” ATMs.

Actually, this is a great prank with a nice little bit of magic! Even though it is not technically dangerous to perform, iTricks recommends that you not try it! Instead, go over to Chris’s YouTube page and subscribe.

St. Patrick’s Day Goofiness With Murray SawChuck

Posted by Michael on March 17th, 2017

It is St. Patrick’s Day (which is at the very least a weekend event in my old neighborhood), so might as well learn some blarney from Murray SawChuck, right? The second one is a classic… but we usually did it at other people’s houses around Halloween with dark red!

Is Rahat The Last Jedi?

Posted by Michael on January 24th, 2017

In honor of Disney announcing the official title of the next Star Wars film, we dug out this clip of Rahat doing a little Jedi magic of his own.

At the risk of angering Star Wars fans everywhere, I (an admitted non-fan) have a serious question: is there a reason that the Jawa and Jedi dress the same? I have been wondering that lately…

No Starbucks Is Safe From Magic Pranks!

Posted by Michael on January 17th, 2017

You know, there seems to be a whole bunch of magic going around at Starbucks… especially pranks. Julien Dauphin is messing with people at Starbucks nice enough to watch his coffee while he goes to the restroom. What might be funniest about the video is the one lady who basically is right and calls him out somehow looks like the most paranoid!

Catch more of Julien over on his official website.