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Nash Fung’s Microsoft Magic

Posted by Michael on August 2nd, 2019

Nash Fung shared this video highlighting some of the magic he performed for Microsoft to highlight their Azure Platform at a recent Las Vegas conference.

Sean Masterson Visits Windy City Live

Posted by Michael on August 1st, 2019

Sean Masterson visited Windy City Live yesterday to preview a bit of his show Timeless Magic, now running at the Chicago Magic Lounge.

Celebrating Harry Potter’s Birthday

Posted by Michael on August 1st, 2019

Many fans consider July 31 Harry Potter’s birthday, probably because it is the birthday of his creator JK Rowling… what Harry’s driver’s license says we really don’t know. Either way, Don Miller stopped in Floyd County, Kentucky to celebrate Harry’s birthday with local fans in this video from Mountain Top News.

Harry Blackstone Jr. On 1979 MDA Telethon

Posted by Michael on July 31st, 2019

I have probably mentioned this before, but Harry Blackstone Jr. was a huge influence on me as a very, very young magician. Harry Anderson was an idol as I grew up, but it was Harry Blackstone Jr. and that incredible voice that I first remember seeing performing magic on television… before Copperfield, Henning or even Mark Wilson (although I remember watching them all and dreaming of the day I would have a stage show of big, colorful boxes that warped reality and and army of showgirls and tigers). So today, simply because it is my birthday and this is the one act of public self indulgence I will allow myself (although I am going to try really, really hard to get by Owen Magic Supreme but that is more of a crime of opportunity) I present you with Harry Blackstone Jr. performing on the 1979 MDA Telethon. A seven year old me probably sat through hours of telethon waiting to see this!

Ottawa International Buskerfest

Posted by Michael on July 31st, 2019

As explained by producer Brian Wilson and magician Chris Pilsworth on Daytime Ottawa, the Canadian capital is going to be hosting some of the world’s finest buskers this weekend for their 28th annual celebration of street performance. More information at

From The Bachelorette To Australia’s Got Talent

Posted by Michael on July 29th, 2019

Apollo Jackson is probably best known to Australian TV audiences as the magician who appeared on a recent season of the local version of The Bachelorette. He returned to TV this weekend, though, as a contestant on Australia’s Got Talent with a fiery audition. You can read a little more about Apollo in this article on his AGT appearance.

Joshua Jay Visits James Corden

Posted by Michael on July 29th, 2019

James Corden might still have a few bad dreams after first meeting Joshua Jay on World’s Best (he did perform psychic surgery on the poor host)… but that didn’t keep the Late, Late Show bookers from bringing Joshua back last week!